Samsung Galaxy S11: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

It's only nearly two months since Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 devices, were released by the rumour mill has begun firing over the Galaxy S11 ahead of its expected release early next year. Read More >>

Black Hole Kicks Star Out of Milky Way

Astronomers have uncovered a star leaving the galaxy at an extremely fast pace. They also found out why. Turns out, it was unceremoniously booted out by The Milky Way's supermassive black hole. Read More >>

climate change
Climate Change Has Claimed A Major Glacier As Its Next Victim

NASA has released satellite photos showing the world's thickest glacier, once thought to be impervious to global warming, has retreated. Read More >>

Australian Government Wants to Scan People’s Faces Before They Watch Porn

An Australian government department has shown interest in forcing pornography sites to verify a user's age, and it's willing to offer its facial recognition services to get it done. Read More >>

foldable phones
A Triple Foldable Phone Has Appeared And Yikes

We're well-and-truly entering foldable season because a new smartphone that can fold twice has entered the fray. Read More >>

Why Disney+ Might Not Work On All Devices

It recently came to light that some devices might not be able to stream Disney+ content due to security software. Obviously this is going to be a big factor for some in deciding whether to sign up for the service so we delved into which devices will be fine and how it works. Read More >>

How to Install the iOS 13.1 Beta

Apple unveiled a bunch of iPhones yesterday and while it kept quiet about the upcoming iOS 13 update, it's coming on September 20. If you're all about being ahead of the curve, you can download the beta of the upcoming 13.1 version right now. Here's how to do it. Read More >>

iPhone 11’s Camera is Perfect Meme Fodder

If you hadn't heard already, 2019 is the Year of the Phone Butt and Apple's latest release is no exception. Read More >>

Google Adds to Our Subscription Nightmares With Google Play Pass

If you could sum up the decade in tech in one word, I'd probably choose 'subscriptions'. While the internet has helped free up time and money for many in some ways, subscriptions are tech companies way of keeping you on the hook for longer, offering movies, television, games and music. But what started out as cost-effective way for consumers to consume entertainment has turned into an expensive, disorientating nightmare. Read More >>

iPhone 11 Won’t Come With Apple Pencil, Reports Sadly Suggest

Apple's unveiling of the new iPhone 11 series is mere hours away, but an eleventh-hour leak from renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has suggested it's going to be missing a few features. Notably, it won't come with Apple Pencil support like we all predicted (and hoped) it would. Read More >>

Huawei Confirms Google Apps Won’t Be Available On Mate 30

Huawei has confirmed at the 2019 IFA conference in Berlin that although the Mate 30 series will come with Android 10 pre-installed, the devices will not host any Google apps when the phone launches on September 19. Read More >>

Android 10’s New Features Are Useful (But A Bit Boring)

If you managed to avoid the news yesterday, Android 10 has been unleashed on the general public. Well, to be precise, a portion of the general public. Google Pixel owners can now update their devices with the rest of the Android crowd being able to get their sweaty palms on it before the end of 2019. But to entice you to upgrade, here are some the features we think are reasonably cool. Read More >>

Android 10 Has Officially Arrived To Upgrade Your Life

Google has announced Android 10 is rolling out to Pixel phones from September 4 with other devices due to receive the update by the end of the year. The update is one of Google's most anticipated yet so here's what Pixel owners can expect from the update. Read More >>

Apple Might Be Quietly Planning To Make A Google Glass Competitor

Augmented reality headsets haven't quite revolutionised the world like some originally speculated they would. They're clunky, heavy and their functionality is pretty limited right now. But a new report claims Apple might be throwing its hat in the AR headset ring anyway. The report claimed to have discovered code on iOS 13 suggesting there's one on the way. Here's what we know. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk Makes Water Towers Gently Fly

SpaceX has successfully launched its water tower-esque spacecraft, Starhopper, 150 metres into the sky. Why? You might ask. While "Elon Musk" should suffice as an answer, it's actually an impressive milestone. Read More >>