Twitter Apologises After It Found a Firefox Cache Bug Was Storing Your DMs

Twitter has revealed users accessing the site through Mozilla Firefox might have had their non-public information, like direct messages, stored in the browser for days after they logged off due to a cache bug. Read More >>

Astronaut Piss Might Be Key To Building Moon Bases

Hosting human colonies on the Moon might still be a while off but researchers have uncovered an important step on the way to getting there — human urine. No, this isn't not an April Fool's pisstake, urea might be key to building on the planet. Read More >>

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The Best Animal Livestreams to Tune Into During Self-Isolation

Times are dire and while it might feel like everything we know is falling apart, cute baby animals still exist to make your heart flutter in a good way. Thanks to technology, you'll now be able to watch some livestreams around Australia from the comfort of your lounge room or home office. Here are some of the best we've found. Read More >>

Why a Coronavirus Vaccine Will Take Months

A number of research groups around the world are racing to find a vaccine for coronavirus as it continues to spread globally. But while we have some of the world's brightest minds on the case, a vaccine is still months, potentially even years away. Read More >>

Apple’s Cracking Down On Dodgy Coronavirus Apps

Apple's announced its working on stamping out coronavirus-related apps worldwide in order to stop the spread of false information. It plans to do this by only accepting new apps from reputable and credible sources. Read More >>

Australian Scientists Discover New ‘Pulsating’ Star

Australian scientists have discovered a new type of star that 'pulsates' on one side. The star is believed to have existed in theory for decades but the new findings prove it's a reality after all. Read More >>

Amazon and eBay Are Trying to Stop Australians From Exploiting Coronavirus Fears and Price Gouging Toilet Paper

The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 has brought out the worst in many Australians and on sites like Ebay and Amazon, it's really showing as people continue to panic buy toilet paper of all things thanks to coronavirus. Looking to make a quick buck during the artificially created crisis, dozens of listings on the sites are selling toilet paper and other coronavirus-related products for exorbitant prices. Read More >>

A Lion That Roamed Australia 23 Million Years Ago Has Been Discovered

A new study has discovered a new marsupial lion had roamed the lands near north-western Queensland around 23 million years ago. Read More >>

Saturn Emojis, Ranked By a Planetary Scientist in a Twitter Thread

Emojis come in all shapes and sizes and each company offers its own take on their interpretation with varying accuracy. In the case of Saturn, a planetary scientist in the U.S. has made a call in a detailed Twitter thread on who has created the most accurate of the ringed planet's emojis. Read More >>

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Caught This Woman Keying a Car

An Australian woman has been caught on camera keying a Tesla after the vehicle activated its security defences and filmed the woman doing the deed at a shopping centre parking in Sydney. Read More >>

How To Stop A Twitter Account From Following You

Twitter can be a great source of information and ideas, but it's definitely also the Bad Place. The great thing about the internet is if you don't like something, you can block it. That works for reply guys, but things aren't always that simple. Read More >>

No, That’s Not A Baby Platypus

An image of a "baby platypus" has gone viral due to the fact it's extremely adorable. The reality is, though we'd love it to be real, it's definitely not a baby platypus. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

Samsung's Unpacked event is just a few hours away now, but if you can't bear to wait for the afternoon to pass, here's a roundup of the leaks and rumours about its retro-looking foldable phone. Read More >>

A Wild Microsoft Surface Duo Appears

While it was announced back in October 2019, Microsoft's Surface Duo has made its first public appearance after a video was posted of someone using the device on public transport. Read More >>

Google Reinstates Co-Star App After It Claims ‘Anti-Astrology’ Bias

Popular astrology app Co-Star has been reinstated on the global Google Play Store after it was unceremoniously struck off due to alleged metadata violations in a very Scorpio move. Read More >>