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SodaStream Revolution Lightning Review: When Fizz Falls Flat

The remedy for your flat soft drink woes has been lurking in the backs of kitchen cupboards for around 40 years now. The latest model from SodaStream, the Revolution Drinksmaker, does the same job of creating homemade soda at a low cost, but even easier this time 'round, given it's the first fully-automatic version. While we discovered that it is pretty amazing at vaporizing vodka and other party tricks, is this product really worth shelling out £150? Read More >>

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Think You Know Plastic?

The world is up to its ears in plastic. You would be hard pressed to find items in your life that are devoid of this amazingly versatile material. But plastics are a varied bunch and some could potentially even give you cancer. So, read on to avoid being suckered into buying a knockoff water bottle that infuses a nauseating chlorine-flavour into your drink because it's made from cheap, shiny PVC. Read More >>

Happy 24th Birthday Gameboy!
Happy 24th Birthday Game Boy (and Now I Feel Old)

In celebrating the life and times of the Game Boy brand, we've put together a historical, at times emotional, look back at the Game Boy's evolution over its 16 years of development, from the original Game Boy to the Game Boy Micro. Read More >>

Woman Arrested For Breakdancing the Peace in Yorkshire Car Dealership

West Yorkshire police are reporting no injuries from an incident early yesterday, involving at least one out-of-control breakdancer in a Wakefield car showroom. The impassioned breakdancer, described as a 31-year old female from the Agbrigg area, had been throwing shapes in the forecourt of the dealership with such vigor that it caused disturbances to both staff and customers. Read More >>

Fancy New Porn Discovery Engine Attempts to Modernise an Age Old Tradition

Canadian startup PaintBottle (100-per-cent-certified NSFW), is looking to bring a bit of modern programming and UI design to the online porn world, because, why not? Differentiating itself by providing a slick-looking interface and increased, err, usability, PaintBottle is notably devoid of grating flashing banner ads, and shoves high-quality, properly licensed content front and centre for your enjoyment. Read More >>

This Bicycle Wheel-Integrated Suspension Eats Cobbled Streets for Breakfast

Small, foldable bikes have become a staple of city commutes for all those of us cycling to catch trains or zooming across town to work. Unfortunately, for all the convenience of folding up nice and neat, those mini road-beasts tend not to pack any suspension to soften the pothole-blows to your behind. Read More >>

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What the New Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Have Been

Samsung has seemingly spent several small countries' entire GDP on marketing and promoting the impending Galaxy S4, but it all falls flat once you actually get the phone in your hand. It's not a bad phone, it's just... yawn. Read More >>

Have a Knack for Finding Internet Porn? Your Dream Job Awaits

Do you have a Bachelors degree, good teamwork skills, and a desire to work in Beijing? If yes, then Chief Pornography Identification Officer might be the job for you! You had better know your porn because you will be expected to research and study pornographic videos and images all day long, while managing and rating your team's porn resources. No easy task. Read More >>

Kobo HD More HD?
Would More “HD” Make You Buy an E-Reader?

For those of you who can no longer deal with standard definition e-ink displays, Kobo finally has the answer. The Canadian e-reader manufacturer has unleashed the Aura HD e-reader with a eye-bleedingly 265 dpi-crisp display. That's 20 per cent denser than Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, but does anyone really care? Read More >>