Apple’s Upcoming iPhone SE 2 Could Launch as Early as This Month

Apple's rumoured budget handset, so far known as the iPhone 9 aka the iPhone SE 2, is reported to be making its debut a lot sooner than expected, and could be in your hands before the month is out. Read More >>

Ofcom Warns Media Outlets Not to Pedal Bullshit Claims About 5G Causing Coronavirus

In case you're in any doubt, 5G is not responsible for coronavirus. If we're not on the same page there, pop on the special helmet you wear indoors and trot along. Read More >>

Credit Card and Loan Payments Could Be Frozen If FCA’s New Package Is Approved

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is suggesting that a temporary payment freeze be applied on loans and credit cards for up to three months to ensure customers who are facing extra financial pressure due to coronavirus don't get shafted. Read More >>

Firebox Has Launched an Isolation-Themed Mystery Box to Entertain You During Lockdown

Firebox has an existing line of 'mystery box' products with themes ranging from gadgets, to Disney, to Mother's Day. The latest one to join the ranks has been put together to shine a "box-shaped ray of light amongst the doom and gloom" of being quarantined. Read More >>

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablets Gets a Well-Timed Price Drop

Lockdown. Kids. Full house. I don't know how you're faring as we close out week two of quarantine, but if you'd welcome getting your tablet and smartphone back from your kids' pudgy, sticky, hands, you can get them their own to play on now that the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is 35 per cent off. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Gets a Family Friendly Edition for Free to Play During Lockdown

If the novelty of having the entire family at home is wearing a bit thin, help is at hand thanks to Cards Against Humanity that is releasing its family edition early and it's totally free. Read More >>

BT is Giving Kids Free Access to its Online Coding Class

BT is helping parents out by offering its online coding class to kids stuck at home with nothing better to do, but its presented in the guide of making a virtual cake, so they'll actually want to do it. Read More >>

Vodafone is Giving NHS Staff 30 Days Unlimited Mobile Data for Free

Vodafone has announce that it'll be giving customers registered as NHS workers in its system 30 days of free unlimited mobile data. Read More >>

Youtube Wants a Piece of the Tiktok Pie and is Making its Own Version of the App

YouTube is where the old people hang out now because all the cool kids are on TikTok. But YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki doesn't want to lose users to the upstart service and there are plans afoot to fight back back with "Shorts", YouTube's own bite-sized video app. Read More >>

M&S ‘Essentials’ Food Box Under Fire for Bringing a Little Joy Into People’s Lives

Supermarkets are starting to capitalise on the need for 'essential' shopping by putting together boxes containing what they deem to be necessities, and the fact that M&S has chucked a few sweets into its package seems to have riled up some customers. Read More >>

Coronavirus: Police Abusing Their Powers Reissued With Instructions Not to Be Dicks

Following the UK lockdown's new rules and the approved coronavirus bill, we're just shocked to hear that police have been slapping people with fines and arrests willy-nilly, and generally getting high on their own farts. Happily, they've been told to calm the fuck down. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Video Now Allows Apple Users to Buy and Rent Content in the App

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you no longer have to go through the rigmarole of leaving the Prime Video app when you want to buy or rent films and TV shows. Read More >>

O2 Products and Services Will No Longer Be Available at Carphone Warehouse

After unsuccessful attempts to renegotiate its the terms of its arrangement with O2, Dixons Carphone is saying goodbye to the mobile operator after 20 years in business together. Read More >>

Disney Claims the Rights to a Photo of Denmark’s Little Mermaid Statue and It’s as Stupid as It Sounds

The House of Mouse is having a grouse because of a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with its Little Mermaid IP - which, incidentally, it took from a book someone else wrote that's now in the public domain. Read More >>

Government Clarifies Coronavirus Lockdown Exercise Guidelines for the Idiots in the Back

It seems that there's been a failing by the government to relay its lockdown measures effectively, because it's taken for granted that British citizens will understand simple instructions like STAY HOME and don't swan off for a day out in the middle of a fucking lockdown. Read More >>