Vodafone’s 30-Day Service Guarantee Has Been Halved Because No-one Was Using It

After giving customers a rather generous month to reconsider their commitment to Vodafone, the network provider has cut it down to the statutory minimum cooling-off period of just two weeks. Read More >>

Another Google Pixel 4 Leak Spills the Beans on Specs

We're a couple of months out from the launch of Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, but it seems that the specs might just have leaked. Read More >>

Sky and Virgin Media Sign a New Multi-Year Deal That Covers UHD and 4K Content

Virgin Media customers will be pleased to hear that the partnership with Sky is being extended, with the added bonus of UHD/4K programming. Read More >>

Virgin Media Shuts Down Copyright Trolls in Court Trying to Expose Customer Data Over Porn File Sharing

An application to reveal the identities of Virgin Media users allegedly file-sharing porn has been denied, because the companies requesting the details are a bunch of copyright trolls. Read More >>

A New Government Scheme Will See Workers Who Have Lost Their Jobs to Robots Get Retrained

If you're afraid that robots might be coming for your job, don't fret too much as a new government scheme will have you you retrained and tossed back into the workplace in no time. Read More >>

The Queen Could Rake in £100M Leasing Royal Land to Build Offshore Wind Farms On

The queen has got herself a nice little earner thanks to seabeds the royal family owns off the coast that are being leased for wind farms, and a new round of bidding could see her on the receiving end of £100 million. Read More >>

The Premier League Tackles Illegal Streams in Ireland After Winning an ISP Blocking Order

During this season of football, the Premiere League is continuing to stamp out pirated steams - this time in Ireland. Read More >>

South Western Railway Is Looking Into Solar Powered Rail Systems and Has Already Made a Start

South Western Rail is working with charity Riding Sunbeams to trial solar powered rail traction systems. Hence the adorable name. Read More >>

Apple’s Credit Card Could Be Making Its Way to the UK Pretty Soon

Apple announced its Apple Card for the US back in March, and now it looks like we could be seeing it branch out into Europe and Hong Kong. Read More >>

Vodafone Has Doubled the Reach of Its 5G Network With Coverage in More Towns and Cities

Vodafone launched its 5G network just a couple of weeks ago in seven cities across the UK, and has already added eight additional locations. Read More >>

electric vehicles
The Government Is Considering Plans for All New Homes to Come With EV Chargers

The government is doubling down on its initiative to reduce emissions and stop people causing themselves a mischief when charging their electric cars at home with its plans to have all new builds come with an EV charger. Read More >>

rick and morty
New Rick and Morty Screenshots Offer Zero Context to Anything in Season 4

Rick and Morty Season 4 is coming this November, and Adult Swim has released a couple of new images to whet your appetite. Read More >>

The Number of Requests for Piracy Sites to Be Blocked in the UK Has Been Dropping

Despite being pretty heavy on blocking the shit out of everything fun on the internet, the UK has seen requests for ISPs to block pirate sites dwindle over the past few years. Read More >>

5G Railnext Granted Over £2m to Transform Your Commute With AR and MR Content

If you've found your train journeys to be somewhat lacklustre, you'll be pleased to hear that the dawning of 5G heralds changes to your commute in the form of Augmented and Mixed reality content. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leak Points to Super-Fast Charging But a Crappy Charger Out of the Box

Yet more information has leaked on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and this time it's the handset's charging speed. Read More >>