OnePlus TV Will Support Alexa Voice Commands

The OnePlus TV is rumoured to feature Alexa voice control according to Amazon India's Alexa skill page. Read More >>

htc vive
HTC Partners With BBC Studios for VR Dr Who Vive Cosmos Experience

The HTC Vive Cosmos was unveiled this week and you can try it out with a Dr Who experience courtesy of BBC Studios. Read More >>

climate change
Police Start Arresting Climate Change Protesters Who Are Descending on Heathrow Airport With Drones in Tow

Heathrow Pause environmental group has carried out its drone protests at Heathrow as planned and several arrests have been made. Read More >>

The Government’s Shady Plan to Collect Your Data Is Being Investigated by UK Watchdog

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is setting out to find just what the bloody hell the government is playing at by collecting the personal data of anyone who visits its various websites. Read More >>

Vagina Emoji Proposal Misses the Entire Point of Everything It’s Trying to Challenge

I don't know about you, but I often lament about the lack of emojis out there representing my vagina. It's devastating, frankly, and has taken a huge toll on my very soul, but I don't have to worry anymore. Read More >>

More Google Pixel 4 Photos Have Leaked if You’ve Somehow Missed the Dozens That Have Come Before

Just when you think there's nothing left to leak, the beans just keep on getting spilled. All over the place. Today's tidbits include more photos of the Pixel 4 and a video of its gaming performance. Read More >>

Morrisons and Amazon Draw up Multi-Year Deal to Keep Delivering Your Same-Day Groceries

Morrisons super-fast same-day grocery deliver service that it runs in conjunctions with Amazon could be coming to your hometown a bit faster thanks to the new contract between the two. Read More >>

O2 Finally Joins the Rest of Us Here in 2019 With the Announcement of Unlimited Data Plans

O2 is joining the ranks of network operators offering unlimited data plans on selected handsets and SIM-only contracts. Read More >>

Get Tackled by a Legendary Rugby Player in VR Tomorrow Courtesy of Mastercard

Another credit card company is offering a VR experience featuring some big names in sports for no particular reason. Read More >>

Gatwick Airport Gets Vodafone 5G as Part of 5-Year Plan to Be the UK’s Leading Smart Airport

Gatwick airport's South Terminal is getting 5G coverage thanks to Vodafone, and it's not just the passengers who'll benefit. Read More >>

Fireman Sam Has Been Scrapped as the Mascot for Lincolnshire Fire Brigade for Putting Women off Joining

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service is replacing Fireman Sam with anthropomorphic fire extinguishers after concerns he was deterring women from following their dreams of becoming firefighters. Read More >>

Apple TV+ Will Cost You a Fiver a Month on Top of All of Your Other Subscriptions

Apple has announced the UK pricing of its upcoming subscription service and surprisingly it's not far off the US price. Read More >>

htc vive
The HTC Vive Cosmos Is Finally up for Pre-Order, Bringing ‘Premium VR’ to the Masses

If you've been waiting for a consumer-friendly version of HTC's VR headset, then are you in luck. The Vive Cosmos has been designed for plebs like you and I, and for just £699, it can be all yours. Read More >>

OnePlus Will Be Toning Down Its Battery Optimisation so It’s Not so Trigger Happy About Killing Background Apps

OnePlus is working on fixing its app and battery management so that its handsets stop killing background apps. Read More >>

An Old Deliveroo Ad Has Been Pulled for Suggesting It Delivers Anywhere – Even to the Depths of Space

Despite the massively over-the-top and surreal scenarios played out in the advert, a bunch of absolute nincompoops took it upon themselves to complain about it, labelling it as misleading. Read More >>