Canon Hit By Costly Ransomware Attacks

Canon has revealed that it’s suffered two pretty serious ransomware attacks that have resulted in at least 10 terabytes of company-wide data being held up for an undisclosed ransom. Read More >>

Google Pays £343 Million to Be a Part of the ADT Family

Since buying Nest back in 2014, Google hasn’t been shy about turning the hardware company into one of the biggest names in home security. Now, the company’s moving to bolster those security chops even more with the help of the home-automation giants over at ADT. Read More >>

This Algorithm Might Make Facial Recognition Obsolete

In 2020, it’s worth assuming that every status update and selfie you upload online can eventually make its way into the hands of an obscure data-mining third party, into the hands of government authorities, or both. Read More >>

Telegram’s the Latest Company to File an Antitrust Suit Against Apple

Just one day after its CEO painted the company’s choice to snoop on rival apps as a pro-privacy flex, Apple’s been hit with an antitrust suit from the encrypted messaging app Telegram, claiming that no matter how much Tim Cook wants to argue otherwise, he’s created an ecosystem where Apple’s the only app game in town. Read More >>

Facebook Says China Is Its Biggest Enemy, but It’s Also a Highly Valued Customer

Anyone who’s covered the wacky world of tech policy for any time at all probably has some ideas about how today’s major antitrust hearing will go down. Some think Jeff Bezos’s overall net worth will become part of the debate. Tim Cook will be grilled over Apple’s firm chokehold over the mobile app ecosystem. And no matter what, Mark Zuckerberg’s going to be as American as he possibly can be. Read More >>

TikTok Starts £155 Million Fund to Finally Start Paying Creators

TikTok is an app at the centre of national scrutiny in the US and around the world, an app beloved by witches and convicted felons alike, an app that’s recently been accused of hooking children up with local drug cartels. It’s also an app that recently announced it would be launching a $200 million funding pool (around £155 million) for creators on its platform, a move that prompted a few reporters (including this one), to wonder why TikTok is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on its base, instead of, y’know, everything else. Read More >>

Boeing Just Gave Us a New Reason to Be Terrified of Flying

Even if you weren’t afraid of stepping onto an aeroplane before, the global coronavirus pandemic has given us a slew of new reasons to be stressed out by air travel. Even if you’re not turned off by the idea of being cooped up in a germ-filled metal tube in the sky for hours on end, there’s the chance that you might be sitting next to someone who’s wiggled out of their mandated mask, or behind someone who reclines their seat and shatters the screen on your increasingly vital laptop or phone. And of course, there’s always the chance your plane could crash. Now, though, Boeing is helpfully providing us with a whole new reason to side-eye the entire airline industry: broke-arse engines. Read More >>

Dozens of Hacked Twitter Accounts Had Their DMs Exposed, Twitter Confirms

Twitter never fails to disappoint. Despite its best(?) efforts, the platform remains the same bot-riddledneo-Nazi-friendly cesspool that’s full of the same harassment and hate we’ve come to expect. With that said, it might not be too surprising that the high-profile Twitter hacking incident from earlier this month – you know, the one that hit Kanye West and Barack Obama, along with a slew of other big shots in the world of entertainment, tech and politics – ended up being more of a shitshow than the platform initially let on. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Private Messaging Feature Promises Privacy From Everyone (Except Facebook)

Considering Facebook’s, um, questionable track record on all things privacy, you’d think the company would learn to stop leaning into the phrase when rolling out new products that promise to be safe and secure when the company actually means they’re safe and secure from everyone except, y’know, Facebook. Read More >>

LinkedIn Takes a Break From Job Recruitment to Lay Off More Than 900 Employees

LinkedIn might be a platform full of milquetoast networking memes, quasi-inspirational posts about networking, and bizarrely catchy networking-themed playlists, but even all of this (questionable) business savvy couldn’t save the platform from the scourge of seemingly endless layoffs brought on by the current hell world happening outside our doors right now. Read More >>

Study Finds That Facebook is Full of Transphobes, Just As We Suspected

Those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community are often the targets of online harassment, and those threats can have fatal consequences. The transgender community in particular faces targeted attacked that are oftentimes “inhumane” or “abusive,” according to a new study from watchdog nonprofit Media Matters for America, and, in some cases, life-threatening. And while social media platforms might not outwardly condone transphobia, they certainly aren’t afraid to make a quick buck off of it. Read More >>

Uber’s Algorithms Are Being Taken to Court

The algorithms that underlie most Silicon Valley bigwigs are usually locked up in the name of “protecting trade secrets,” but that’s an excuse that’s starting to wear a little thin in recent months. Maybe it’s because these companies are that much harder to regulate or compete against when we don’t ask them to reveal their respective secret sauces. Maybe it’s because these secret sauces control the incomes of a bigger and bigger chunk of small business owners and gig workers alike. Maybe it’s because they’re found to be biased in all sorts of ways, and hiding the specifics in the name of “trade secrets” only ends up hurting the people who use the platform. Read More >>

Iranian Hackers Left Five Hours’ Worth of Hacking How-Tos Chilling on the Open Web

There’s a lot of intrigue and ~mystery~ surrounding the public conception of hacking, but the truth is, even the most elite hackers are regular people. And just like regular people, they screw up on the job more than you might think. We’ve seen cybercriminals screw themselves over in some of the daftest ways imaginable over the years, but for some reason, we still see the same mistakes made time and time again. Read More >>

Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Were Hit in the Latest Hack

In the days since we saw some of Twitter’s highest-profile accounts taken over for what appears to be a massive cryptocurrency scam, we’ve come up with more questions than we’ve gotten answers. How, exactly, was that one Twitter employee actually involved? What sort of technical protections has the company come up with to keep this from happening again? Why didn’t Donald Trump’s account fall victim? And aside from the bitcoin winnings, just how much damage did the hack actually do? Read More >>

European Courts Find U.S. Can’t Be Trusted to Process and Store Data

For the past two weeks, US officials have been grilling TikTok and other China-based tech giants over potential concerns surrounding the data security of Americans who use these apps, not to mention the national security implications of these apps’ alleged allegiance to the Chinese government. Now, it’s looking like the tech giants based on American soil are having that same level of scrutiny lobbed right back in their direction. Read More >>