Android Apps May Be Snooping on You More Than You Realise

At this point we’re all familiar with apps of all sorts tracking our every move and sharing that info with pretty much every third party imaginable. But it actually may not be as simple as tracking where you go and what you do in an app: It turns out that these apps might be dropping details about the other programs you’ve installed on your phone, too. Read More >>

Carnival Conveniently Owns Up to Data Breach While Nobody’s Taking Cruises

Travel might be the last thing on our minds right now (for most of us, at least) – so naturally, this is the perfect time for a popular travel line to announce some of its passenger’s most personal details might have been caught in a massive data breach. Read More >>

Hong Kong Introduces Invasive Location-Tracking Bracelets, Promises They’re Not That Invasive

While we all have tech-based privacy intrusions to deal with on a daily basis, Hong Kong residents are seeing that taken up to a new level thanks to the coronavirus’s spread – and it’s only getting worse. Read More >>

Whisper, an App for Sharing Secrets, Left Its User Data Exposed On The Open Web

Whisper, the anonymous messaging app beloved by teens and tweens the world over, has a problem: it’s not as anonymous as we’d thought. The platform is only the latest that brands itself as private by design while leaking sensitive user data into the open, according to a damning Washington Post report out earlier today. According to the sleuths that uncovered the leak, “anonymous” posts on the platform – which tackle everything from closeted homosexuality, to domestic abuse, to unwanted pregnancies – could easily be tied to the original poster. Read More >>

Amazon Will Sell Its Cashless Go Technology to Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Amazon and its intrepid CEO, Jeff Bezos, haven’t made any secret of their push to dominate other industries. Space travel? Sure! Healthcare? Why not? Real estate? I... guess? Read More >>

Spotify’s Weird LinkedIn Playlists Sound Like a Cash Register

Like the brief romance between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, the new Linkedin-owned Spotify playlists are confusing at best. That seemed to be the consensus across the web after the job-hunter’s platform of choice announced these bops in a tweet earlier this week, promising to keep listeners company during “every moment of your career journey.” There’s the “New Job, Fresh Start” playlist for when you start a new job, there’s “Never Give Up” for when you’re unceremoniously laid off from that new job, and when you’re inevitably back to hunting for another new job, the “Interview Time” playlist has you covered. Read More >>

Facebook Sues Ad Tech Company for Doing a Bit More Data Hoovering Than Expected

When we think about companies “harvesting our data,” chances are we’re thinking of The Big Tech Names doing that harvesting. But sometimes, even these companies get taken for a bit of a ride. Case in point: last week, the adtech company OneAudience got slammed with a hefty Facebook lawsuit, on charges that the company claims that it peddled “malicious” software to app developers that would pull sensitive intel from an app downloader’s Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts – behind all of these company’s backs. Read More >>

Reddit Will Start to Punish Users for Upvotes as It Eyes Ad Cash

Over the past few years, Reddit’s gained a reputation for being one of the last mainstream strongholds for kind of fascist-y content, thanks in part to the free-speech ideals long touted by its leadership. But it looks like the need for “growth” – and funding – is pushing the platform to do a bit of growing up. Read More >>

Facebook Quietly Cuts Off Sensitive Ad Data Before It Can Get Cambridge Analytica’d Again

A good rule of thumb is to be sceptical of the privacy-forward changes Facebook touts to the public, and to deeply interrogate any of the quieter changes it rolls out behind the scenes since those – surprisingly – often mark the real efforts that the company’s taking to be a little bit less of an invasive shitshow. Read More >>

Activision Subpoenas Reddit to Uncover Mysterious ‘Call of Duty’ Leaker

Reddit’s had its fair share of leakers in the past, with more than a few subreddits dedicated to the task of sharing leaks from video games, movies, tv shows, and the like. Last week, one of these leakers posted a now-deleted clip that they claimed was from the game’s new “battle royale” mode coming to Call of Duty in the coming month. Naturally, the Call of Duty die-hards on Twitter lost their damn minds, shared the footage like mad across the forums and elsewhere, and just as naturally, Activision was a bit ticked. Read More >>

This App Tells You When Nearby Smart Devices Are Snooping on You

The devices we use every day are increasingly voice-controlled or internet-connected, even if they probably shouldn’t be. If you’re also one of those folks that’s morbidly curious about which of these devices are hiding behind bullshit privacy policies to collect reams of data on you, there’s now a handy app for that. Read More >>

The European Commission Made A Name On Wrangling Big Tech. Now, It Wants To Profit From It

While the European Commission might be better known as a force that cracks down on some of the egregious practices of stateside companies, today they laid out an ambitious plan to bolster their own tech prowess. Read More >>

Google’s Adsense Is Turning Into A Tool For Extortion

Of all the things that Google’s afraid of (employee revolts! antitrust actions! diversity!) ad fraud is certainly high on the list. And now, some creative scammers have turned Google’s fraud crackdown against its own users. Read More >>

Twitter Ran Ads for Human Organs Because Money Is Money

Aside from pockets of overt racism, one of the more weirdly unpleasant corners of Twitter comes from its “promoted” content. What ostensibly started as a tool for big-name brands to drive the “reach” and “impact” of whatever message they might be promoting, it’s since devolved into another kind of marketing tool that’s just kind of.... weird. Not weird in the tracking-you-everywhere-you-go kind of way, but weird, in the just plain weird way. Read More >>

For £1.3 Million, You Could Own One of the World’s Most Dangerous Domains

When we think about the most dangerous places online, chances are, phrases like the “dark web” might bubble to the top of those conversations. But it turns out that one of the most dastardly domains isn’t full of literal garbage and porn – it’s just... a domain. And now you can buy it for yourself. Read More >>