Stephen Hawking Tests Intel’s Connected Wheelchair

Renowned planet-sized brain physicist Stephen Hawking has been testing out a new form of propulsion from Intel, with the Connected Wheelchair Project looking to bring a new level of connectedness to those who need help getting around. Read More >>

Withings Home Baby Monitor Can Tell if Your Little One Has Been Smoking

Connected baby monitors, beaming back footage of your bonny newborn to a mobile app, are a dime a dozen these days, so Withings is taking a slightly different approach with its Home camera. As well as keeping a web-connected digital eye on your little ones, it'll also keep track of air quality too. Read More >>

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earphones Measure Your Heart Rate From Your Earholes

Though it may not be the most obvious place to get an accurate reading of your heart rate, your inner ear, with its network of tiny blood vessels, is actually one of the best places in your body (aside from your derrière, surprisingly) to check how well your heart is pumping. Jabra's Sport Pulse Wireless earphones are the first buds to capitalise on this little-known fact, being the first fitness-focussed buds to have a built-in, in-ear heart rate monitor. Read More >>