Erasure, or the Right to Delete Your Online Shadow

You can already delete posts on Facebook, remove ill-advised Tweets or consign Instagrams to the bin. However, California recently passed a law that requires web services give minors a simple way of removing all online information about themselves. The idea is to give kids the right to clean up any social media activity they may have made that could be used against them by bullies, or even future employers. Read More >>

Even Worse Features Social Networking Sites Could Add (But Shouldn’t)

This week, Twitter rolled out a new feature. Until now, you could only receive direct messages (DMs) from people you followed. Now, you will be able to opt in to receiving DMs from anyone who follows you. This struck us as possibly the last thing any sane Twitter user might want, but got us thinking -- what could be an EVEN WORSE feature for a social networking site to have? Read More >>

Buying Booze With Bitcoins: Yes, I Took One For the Team

Bitcoin seems like a great idea, if you want to slip through the cracks of the web and into the Dark Net so you can buy drugs, guns and probably black market killer whales or alien technology from sites like Silk Road. But if you just fancied a wee cheeky pint with your friends, you were shit out of luck. UNTIL NOW. Read More >>

the dreamers
The Women Ensuring Future Generations Can Code

The state of Information and Communications Technology in UK schools is at a low. The ICT curriculum's been criticised by Education minister Michael Gove; Google's Eric Schmidt, and the Royal Society's collective mega-brain. Pupils still view ICT as buttoned-up nerdery rather than the exciting subject that it ought to be, in a world that's now utterly reliant on the things it covers. Last year, two people sat down in a Shoreditch pub and came up with an idea that could turn that around. Read More >>

The 10 Worst Hacks of All Time

LinkedIn, and eHarmony have all been in the news this month, having suffered hack attacks that have left them embarrassed and their customers inconvenienced and annoyed. As bad as those three cases are though, they are a drop in the ocean compared to this list that we are non-hyperbolically calling THE WORST HACKS OF ALL TIME. Read More >>

ISPs Blocking Porn Sites Is a Total Kick In the Nuts

The UK Government has a plan to clamp down on the scourge of internet pornography, protecting the innocent by requiring ISPs to adopt an 'opt-in' policy. Service providers will filter out offensive material and require their customers to ask for permission to access adult sites. If it works, parents will be able to rest easy about their kids using the web and pornography, while the majority of us will be taking a kick to the nuts. This will please anti-porn campaigners, moralists and -- by happy coincidence -- perves who like seeing things get kicked in the nuts. Read More >>

Hey, You! Back Up Your Cloud

Keeping all your data in the Cloud is convenient and seemingly hassle-free -- you just sign up and off you go, accessing your pics, emails and documents on whatever PC, Mac or mobile device you have to hand. This ease comes with a downside though. By placing all your digital eggs in an online basket you are trusting a third party to look after everything for you. Sure, Google might not be all that evil , but what about this time next year? Are you sure you can trust that Flickr won't get hacked and spill your private pics all over the web, or just decide to block you from getting at them when the money runs out? Unlikely, but still possible. Read More >>

Why Arguing the Toss Between Android and iPhone Makes You More Similar Than Different

The launch of Instagram for Android brought a well-lit, sepia-toned smile to the faces of the many amateur snappers who have Android smartphones. But it also stirred up some unpleasant sentiments among the photo app's iOS-using old school. In tweets, Facebook posts and forum rants, certain members of the iOS community reacted to the launch of an Android app like Nick Griffin watching a reggae sound system pitch up in his neighbour's back garden. Read More >>

How to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Features On Your Old-School Gingerbread Phone

Are you sick of waiting for your phone network to serve up Ice Cream Sandwich for your Galaxy S II? Is your old Android stuck on Gingerbread without any hope of an upgrade? Never fear, as Giz is here.. Read More >>

Five Things You Can Bake Into Your Brand New Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is here at last -- now what can you do with it? We've been champing at the bit waiting for the Raspberry Pi here at Gizmodo UK, but we're please to report that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has managed to ship that mini-marvel of applied Great British Geekery for a shade over 21 quid. If you are lucky enough to grab one in this first round of orders, what exactly can you do with it? Here is our pick of the project ideas that you can try with your Pi. Read More >>

The Best SMS Replacement App

The UK loves SMS. As a nation, we regularly send over ten million texts an hour and SMS is used at all levels of society, far more so than email or voice calls. Things may not always be so rosy for SMS, however. A recent Forbes report shows that SMS usage is falling worldwide. Even the traditional SMS fest on Christmas Day was down from 2010 -- too busy tweeting "Mum and aunty Beatrice are arguing about the gravy again," were we? There are now many apps and services that will let you send short, near-instant messages to your friend's mobiles. Here's our pick of the best: Read More >>

Great Little War Game for Android: Even the Gore Is Cute

It's WAR! Tiny, adorable forces are amassing to do battle for honour, territory and whatever the Generalissimo thinks you should be fighting about today. Grunts, snipers, tanks and gunboats are locking and loading in preparation for the mother of all battles and you, yes YOU, are in command. Read More >>

Rocketron for Android: Diggable Planet

Some games let you drive a car, or fly a plane. If you are lucky you might get a city to micromanage. Rocketron puts you in charge of guiding an entire PLANET through the universe. Read More >>

Contract Killer Zombies for iPad: Shoot ‘Em In the Head!

The original Contract Killer was a fun game but the whole 'you are a hired killer' aspect didn't sit well with many people. Yes, the game glossed over it somewhat by claiming you were taking out 'bad' people but it lent a certain amorality to proceedings. It felt a bit...murder-y. Read More >>

Greedy Spiders for Android: Four Legs Good, Eight Legs Even Better

One of these days someone will create the ultimate mobile game. It will be called ADJECTIVE NOUNS and will feature Nouns (probably some kind of animal) that can be summed up with a single Adjective. They might be angry, scary, clumsy or something else but they will be that thing and that thing alone. Read More >>