Review: This Hydroponic Herb Garden Kept Me Sane During Iso

Three months ago I received a hydroponic herb garden for review. As an avid cook and apartment-dweller who missed having a proper veggie garden, I wanted to give it a go. Little did I know how important it would be for my mental health during COVID-19. Read More >>

First Look at the James Bond Gadgets in Aston Martin’s £2.75 million Goldfinger DB5

Over a year ago we discovered Aston Martin was releasing its first DB5 vehicle in 50 years. This stunning car was made famous by Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond in Goldfinger. So naturally, Aston Martin filled this new version full of spy gadgets. Now, the first one has come off the production line. Read More >>

Developer Calls Out Realme’s Bullshit Over Third Party Launchers

Realme’s latest update has quietly stopped split screen mode working on third party Android launchers. Realme’s explanations have been somewhat contradictory, resulting in a third party launcher developer calling the company out. Read More >>

It’s Not Just TikTok Spying on Your iOS Clipboard

Back in March TikTok was busted for accessing iOS clipboards. Despite promises to stop this, iOS 14 revealed that it’s still happening. But it’s not just TikTok – more than 50 other iPhone apps are also guilty of the practice. Read More >>

How to Avoid New MacOS Hack

This week security researchers discovered a MacOS hack that is encrypting user files and holding them for ransom. This is what it is and how you can avoid it. Read More >>

New iOS 14 Accessibility Features Apple Didn’t Announce This Week

WWDC has kicked off for another year and while Apple announced a whole lot of stuff during its keynote, not much was shared around accessibility. Fortunately, some new iOS 14 accessibility features have been added. Here’s what we’ve found so far. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC 2020 has finally arrived. The keynote is done and dusted and a hell of a lot was announced. From iOS 14 to Apple’s new custom silicon for Macs, we have quite a bit to cover. Read More >>

How to Get Apple’s iOS 14 Beta Right Now

It’s WWDC day, which means a huge amount of Apple news just got announced. Leading the pack was iOS 14, which has some cool new features. The good news is you don’t need to wait for the new iPhone 12 to try it. You can use iOS 14 right now, if you dare. Read More >>

Google’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Setting Isn’t Tracking You

Last month Google and Apple officially announced their joint coronavirus contact tracing API. It’s called the Exposure Notification System and has been designed for contact tracing apps. It first appeared in Apple’s iOS 13.5 update and is now on Android too. But it’s not actually doing anything yet. Read More >>

LinkedIn is Trying to be Instagram Now, Adds Stories Feature

Almost a decade ago Snapchat launched with the 24-hour social media model. In 2016 Instagram did something a little similar with Instagram Stories, which Facebook emulated shortly after. Now LinkedIn is looking to get on board with this not-so-new trend. Read More >>

The Games Every PlayStation Console Launched With

After years of waiting, on Thursday we finally got our first official peak at the PlayStation 5. Not only that, found out about some of the games that'll be coming to the console. Between Horizon: Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales there are some damn exciting titles. This got us to thinking about the games that launched with every other PlayStation console. Let’s step into the past, shall we? Read More >>

SodaStream Spirit One Touch Review: For Lovers of Fart Water

The first time I tried SodaStream I was asked if I would like some ‘fart water’. Unfortunately I have only been able to lovingly refer to carbonated water as such ever since. As a hardcore fart water lover I have wanted to try one of these bad boys for years. Now finally I have been able to embark on a SodaStream review journey. Read More >>

Android 11 Beta: Every New Key Feature

The Android 11 beta is now available to to the public. Here’s what it includes and which devices can use it. Read More >>

iPhone Jailbreak Bandits Can’t Downgrade to iOS 13.5 Anymore

Last week Apple rolled out its latest OS update, iOS 13.5.1, which was designed with security in mind. In fact, it was almost exclusively targeting an iPhone jailbreak that had surfaced. While some users might want to revert back to an earlier iOS 13 version, they won’t be able to. Read More >>

The First Electric Vehicles Were Actually Built In The 1800s

There’s something special about driving an electric car. Perhaps it’s the silence of the motor as you propel forward, or the futuristic feel of the charging plug. In the case of Tesla, the ultra-modern tech certainly adds to the ambience. Read More >>