How Netflix’s New Smart Downloads Feature Works

Perhaps some of you live on the wild side. You stream Netflix on the train because you have a sexy high data cap and DGAF. I respect that. Read More >>

Wireless iPhones Could be Coming

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a reputation of nailing it when it comes to upcoming product predictions. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Writers Fight Computer AI For Their Jobs

The Cards Against Humanity team are known for their Black Friday stunts. In the past they have dug a hole to nowhere and sold new products every 10 minutes. They even went after Trump's border wall once. Read More >>

Tesla Brags About Cybertruck’s Tough Windows, Metal Ball Immediately Wrecks Them

Earlier today Tesla finally unveiled its long awaited futuristic pickup, the Cybertruck. Read More >>

Twitter Doesn’t Need A Phone Number For 2FA Anymore

Good news for anyone who loves online security but doesn't want their personal phone number tied to it. Read More >>

Android Users Experience Failed Google Drive Backups For Months

Some Android users have been experiencing backup issues with Google Drive that stops the device from backing up their data. Read More >>

Google Trials A ‘Clear’ Button For Search

Google has begun trialling a 'clear' button in search that will allow users to move onto a new query without having to manually delete their current text. Read More >>

Hero Uses AI To Upscale Stargate SG-1 to 4K

If you're a fan of Stargate SG-1 but wished it looked a little prettier in 2019, a citizen hero has got your back. Read More >>

How to Screen Record on an iPhone

I recently discovered that I've been dragging iPhone apps the hard way for my entire adult life. And I certainly wasn't the only one. Read More >>

Apple Continues To Push Privacy Focus

After going in hard on privacy at its World Wide Developer's Conference in June, Apple has updated its privacy web page. Read More >>

Wine is Being Aged in Space Now

A European startup has sent a dozen bottles of Bordeaux to the International Space Station (ISS) to age for a year. Yes, humanity really has reached this point. Read More >>

Probability Expert Explains That Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brain Teaser

During a recent re-watch of Brooklyn Nine-Nine I stumbled across the episode where Captain Holt and his husband were fighting over a brain teaser. Read More >>

How to Make Google News Show Multiple Languages

If you're multi-lingual, the Google News app just became a whole lot better. Read More >>

Original Google Pixel No Longer Receiving Security Updates

Google just released a November update for Pixel phones... and there was something missing. Read More >>

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Can A Battery Made From 1000 Lemons Start A Car?

It's the question that nobody ever asked, and yet it has now been answered. Read More >>