How Internet Routers Work, And Why You Should Keep Yours Secure

Most of us would be bereft without Wi-Fi but give a little thought to the technology that beams us the internet. The device we pay so little attention to is called a router. Its main role is to connect networks and send and receive data from an internet provider. Read More >>

How To Protect Your Private Data When You Travel To The United States

On January 30th – three days after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries – an American scientist employed by NASA was detained at the US border until he relinquished his phone and PIN to border agents. Travellers are also reporting border agents reviewing their Facebook feeds, while the Department of Homeland Security considers requiring social media passwords as a condition of entry. Read More >>

Apple’s New Touch Bar: A Breakthrough Or Common Sense?

Apple’s MacBook Pro series is back in the media thanks to the company’s announcement of the new “Touch Bar”. Read More >>

Five Years on From the English Riots, We Still Don’t Know Why the Violence Spread

Five years ago, riots broke out in cities across England; civilians looted shops, started fires and were involved in clashes with armed police, which resulted in hundreds of injuriesthousands of arrests and millions of pounds' worth of damage. Read More >>

virtual reality
Virtual Reality Sex: Coming Soon to Headsets Near You (NSFW)

The 1992 film Lawnmower Man generated a lot of buzz at the time of its release. As a film about virtual reality (VR), you might think that it was the vivid representation of this startling new technology that grabbed people’s attention. Read More >>

What a Brexit Would Mean for Europe’s Television Channels

The UK is an attractive base for broadcasting channels targeting other European countries. The domestic market is large, creative skills sets are high, and there is good availability of post-production facilities and satellite uplinks for broadcasters. Read More >>

Is the EU Anywhere Near Getting its Own Army?

As part of a warning by a group of former military officers that the European Union undermines the UK’s military effectiveness, former General Sir Michael Rose expressed concern at the EU’s plan to set up its own army. Read More >>

The Deep Influence of the A-Bomb on Anime and Manga

At the end of Katsuhiro Otomo’s dystopian Japanese anime film Akira, a throbbing, white mass begins to envelop Neo-Tokyo. Eventually, its swirling winds engulf the metropolis, swallowing it whole and leaving a skeleton of a city in its wake. Read More >>

Suffering For Science: Why I Have Insects Sting Me To Create A Pain Index

Over the past 40 years (but in reality since I was five years old), I’ve been fascinated with insects and their ability to sting and cause pain. In graduate school, I became interested in why they sting and why stings from such tiny animals hurt so much. Read More >>

This Laser Camera Can See Around Corners

How can a person see around a blind corner? One answer is to develop X-ray vision. A more mundane approach is to use a mirror. But if neither are an option, a group of scientists led by Genevieve Gariepy have developed a state-of-the-art detector which, with some clever data processing techniques, can turn walls and floors into a “virtual mirror”, giving the power to locate and track moving objects out of direct line of sight. Read More >>

Gene Editing Won’t Work on Complex Traits Like Intelligence

As we consider the ethics of human gene editing, we need to understand what can and can’t be meaningfully edited. Read More >>

Can Christmas Lights REALLY Play Havoc With Your Wi-Fi?

A telephone regulator has warned that festive decorations can spoil your festive internet fun. Here’s the science. Read More >>