I’ve Had Enough Of How Much Kickstarter Sucks

It's time to get real about crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Instead of being an indie-business utopia, it's become the de-facto way to scam the masses into buying invisible products and getting free marketing for ideas with a short sell-by date -- and we've had enough. Read More >>

Blinded By the Lights: How Skyscrapers Will Reach Insane New Heights

Architects who dream of casting a city in shadows with ever-higher towers are beset by the reality of making a high-rise building. One of the biggest questions is how to make a lift function above 500m, which is roughly the height you can use a steel cable before its weight is so great that it needs another damn cable just to lift itself. Like an Escher painting. Read More >>

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Ouya Review: This £99 Console is as Laggy as You’d Expect

The Ouya, a £99 games console powered by Android which raised over £8.5 million in Kickstarter pre-orders, was supposed to smash open the games industry and bring more indie classics to the living room. Sadly, it just doesn't live up to the hype. Read More >>

MusikMesse 2013: The Latest Music Tech Revealed

Spring means Musikmesse time to audio lovers who flock to Germany at this time every year for a festival of product launches. Here's a roundup of the best new music hardware to catch our ears at this year's Musikmesse event. Read More >>

Your Right to Light Up Is Safe: Amsterdam Reverses Anti-Tourist Cannabis Policy

Remember those rumours that Amsterdam was going to stop selling cannabis to tourists from the New Year? Well, today the Mayor of Amsterdam has scrapped those plans so that 1.5 million weed-loving tourists can continue to spark up in their cafes. Read More >>

Check Out the Original Logos From These 10 Brands

A picture can paint a thousand words, but a logo only needs to say one. It might take a few decades for these companies to refine their style, but they've come a long way in finding their visual voice. Read More >>

CSS and the Beautiful Future of Web Design

CSS might sound like a language that only geeks can decipher, but its accessibility and power has turned the web into a beautiful playground. This is the language of design, and it's about to blow your mind. Read More >>

Zen, and the Art of Stunning App Icons

HD screens have ushered in a design revolution where details don't just matter -- they're a requirement. Now an emerging scene of designers bound by format guidelines are treating their icons as visual haikus, and the photo-realistic results are stunning. Read More >>

What’s New in iTunes 11, and Does it Still Suck?

Apple announced a brand new version of iTunes alongside its iPhone 5 last night. Can it win us back from the lure of streaming services like Spotify, and is Ping really gone for good? Read More >>

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Bayan 7 Speaker Dock Lightning Review: Is Bigger Always Better?

For years, anyone in the market for a iPod speaker dock was faced with a stark choice: cheap and cheerful (i.e. tacky), or expensive and bloated with audiophile hyperbole. Has the gap finally been closed, now that Bayan has combined engineering and design with a reasonable price tag? Read More >>

Don’t Menshn the Crippling Security Holes in This Tory MP’s Twitter Rival

As if we needed another social network, Menshn is here to bring topic-orientated chat in Twitter-sized chunks. But what about all these leaky security holes that hackers found upon its UK launch? Read More >>

Digital Music Takes Over, But the Best Is Yet to Come

Digital music in the UK is finally making more money than its physical counterparts, thanks to income on streaming services doubling at the start of 2012. It's a huge milestone -- but can it last, and will today's streaming apps support the demands of music fans tomorrow? Read More >>

10 Ways the Titanic Influenced the World Around Us

The earth has swung round the sun 100 times since the Titanic became a deep sea graveyard, but it continues to influence the world in ways you'd never expect. Here are ten examples of how the world has since changed, for better and worse: Read More >>

The Best Keyboard Cases for the New iPad 3

The iPad promises to be a post-PC device to end your need for a desktop computer. But if you're still attracted to tangible keyboards, there are a range of special cases which can prep your iPad for heavy-duty text editing. So which is best? Read More >>

The Slow and Delicious Death of Music Piracy

Digital music revenue is up by a quarter; subscription services are booming and UK artists are smashing records in the US charts. After a decade of limitless piracy, why the sudden turnaround? Read More >>