Greggs is on a Sausage Roll High, Developing More Vegan Options

Despite some arseholes who somehow still get put on television on an almost-daily basis, Greggs' vegan sausage roll has done remarkably well for the company. It was rolled out nationwide after a small trial, and led to the company's profits surging by 10% in the aftermath. In fact most people I've spoken to speak quite highly of it, whether they're vegan or not. So it's no surprise that the company is already working on other vegan pastry options. Read More >>

All the Best Network Deals for Buying the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, and Note 10+ 5G in the UK

So the Galaxy Note 10, which was announced a few weeks ago, finally hits shop shelves today. Lots of people will have pre-ordered one already, but if you've been holding back then you might start thinking about it now that the phone is real. Well to help you make up your mind we've dug through all the networks to see what sort of deals are available for you to enjoy. Read More >>

Android Q
Google Announces Android Q’s Full Name is Android 10, and That’s Supremely Boring

Pretty much since its third iteration, the different versions of Android have been named after some sort of sweet treat. Oreos, Pie, Jelly Beans, Honeycomb, and so on. But Android Q posed a problem, because there aren't many desserts that start with Q. But instead of picking some obscure sweet thing we may not have here, it's done the boring thing instead. Read More >>

Save £120 on Lego Star Wars Cloud City and £108 off the Taj Mahal With John Lewis’s Deals

Lego can get quite expensive, and these days there are plenty of them that wind up close to the £300 mark – and sometimes beyond. Thankfully John Lewis has just discounted a bunch of sets, and some of those ultra-expensive sets have had quite a lot of money knocked off. That includes £120 off the Star Wars Cloud City set, and £109 off the Taj Mahal. Read More >>

Aldi Braces for Spider Season With a ‘Humane’ Spider Catching Doohicky

This time of year is every arachnophobic's worst nightmare, because we're getting close to the start of spider mating season. For those of you who don't know, spider season is when all the male spiders end up getting absurdly horny and start roaming around your house looking for lady spiders to bang. So instead of hiding away out of sight, they're just wandering around on the floor and scaring the shit out of anyone who comes across them. Thankfully Aldi's upcoming special buy has a tool for dealing with that. Read More >>

All the Stupid Things Sony Did With Spider-Man Before he Joined the MCU

If you were paying attention to the internet last night you will have heard the Sony/Marvel deal has now ended. Negotiations apparently broke down and it means Sony is taking back control of Spider-Man, and that means we won't be seeing Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU again. Not anytime soon anyway. Read More >>

The Lego Store’s Next Free Gift is a Little Hidden Side Set

Dedicated Lego fans will know that every so often the company will announce it's giving away an exclusive set if you meet certain criteria.Usually that means you have to spend money in the Lego store, and sometimes its on a specific set or theme. Well another one of those gifts is on the way, and it's a little set from the new Hidden Side range, which means it's going to be compatible with all the mini games in the Hidden Side app. Read More >>

Disney+ Announces First International Rollout Plans, UK Suspiciously Absent

Back in April Disney announced a load of details about its upcoming Disney+ streaming service, including the plans for its native US launch. The service would arrive on 12th November and cost $7 a month, though at the time there were zero details about when the service would launch internationally - which was a little weird. Today at D23 Disney announced some of those plans, but the UK availability is still suspiciously absent. Read More >>

Three’s 5G Home Broadband Launches Today, But Only in London

What's to be gained from 5G? Faster speeds, lower latency, and a bunch of other stuff that isn't really that important if it's just in your phone. One of the biggies is that we've been promised 5G will help replace fixed line broadband, assuming you live in the right place, and today is the day Three launches that service for people in London. Or parts of London anyway, because London is a very big place. Read More >>

This SITE Generates FAKE Daily Mail Headlines for QUINOA-MUNCHING Lefties to SCOFF AT

If you're one those miserable left wing types that likes ruining everyone's fun, you might want to pay attention to this post. Someone on Reddit claims they've cracked the Daily Mail's headline formula and has put together a little website that throws up fake Daily Mail headlines. Headlines that will no doubt be hilarious if you read the Guardian, but will be infuriatingly inaccurate if you're a member of the Mail's legal and management teams. Read More >>

I’m Sick of Big Flashy Phone Launches

These days it seems as though the big phone companies have to have a big, grandiose product launch for their newest range of expensive phones. Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and the rest. They all rent out a big stage somewhere, cart in a bunch of audience members, and show off on stage while a small handful of people over-enthusiastically whoop at the mere mention of mundane shit. And frankly I'm sick of it. Read More >>

Lego’s Getting Back into Trains With the Ludicrously Expensive Disneyland Train & Station

When it comes to trains, Lego doesn't offer a whole lot of choice. The cheapest non-Duplo ones are £65 and £79 a piece, and they're the newly-released Hidden Side haunted train and the Hogwarts Express. The cheapest proper, motorised train is £120, so it's fair to say that you're going to have to pay a lot for the privilege of having a train set made of Lego. The newly-revealed Disney Train and Station is absolutely no exception. Read More >>

Lego’s Friends Central Perk Set is Out Next Month And Could We BE Anymore Excited

Back in February Lego announced that they would be immortalising Friends' Central Perk in Lego form, after it successfully navigated the depths of Lego Ideas. Now we know exactly when it's going to come out and how much it will cost. 1st September, and £65. Read More >>

Make the Galaxy Note 10 Launch More Interesting With Our Themed Bingo Card

Phone launches happen a lot, and for the most part they're really dull. Even the most rabid of fans isn't going to be interested about half the stuff a company has to say, because all we care about is how much the damn thing is going to cost this time. Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked kicks off tonight at 9pm, and with it we've decided it'll be a good idea to bring back the bingo cards. They're not reserved for Apple events anymore, kids, so buckle up and let's make fun of a billion-dollar multinational company. Read More >>

Full Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs Seemingly Just Leaked

Tomorrow is the day Samsung launches the Note 10 at Galaxy Unpacked, and as is the way with all these things that means all the specs just leaked. And there are some things you aren't going to like, whether you're a Samsung fan or not. Read More >>