900 More OnePlus Nord Devices Will be Available for Pre-Order Tomorrow

How do you feel about handing over money to agree to buy a phone before it's even been announced? 100 people have already jumped on that bandwagon after the first wave of OnePlus Nord pre-sales, and now (as promised) OnePlus has confirmed another 900 devices will be available at 9am  tomorrow. Read More >>

The OnePlus Nord Will Launch on 21st July

Update: OnePlus has now confirmed the launch event will take place on 21st July at 3PM BST. And it will be available in AR, through the OnePlus Nord AR app that's available on iOS and Android. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung Has Two More Galaxy Tablets Coming, With the iPad Pro in Their Sights

When it comes down to tablets, nobody has really been able to go toe to toe with Apple. Maybe it's because tablets are dumb, and the iPad is only going because of the Apple logo on the back? That's my guess anyway, but regardless of what one dude on the internet thinks it seems as though every company has been dead set on trying to get a leg up on Apple's tablet dominance. Read More >>

The Best Tech Deals in Amazon’s Summer Sale

There's no Prime Day this year, not yet anyway, but Amazon is never one to shy away from a sales opportunity. It's summer, after all, and so today is the day Amazon's summer sale kicks off. There plenty of deals to be had on a variety of stuff you probably don't need, but hey money off is money off. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Day Might be Happening in October

It's been no secret that Amazon has delayed Prime Day, because of the COVID-19 pandemic mucking up just about every part of the world for the past few months. Originally the word was that Prime Day would end up happening in September, but the latest word is that it might actually be happening in October instead. Read More >>

Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Coming Next Month, With Some Questionable Gesture Control

The fact that Samsung has another Galaxy Watch on the way isn't really news. In fact it's been rumoured for quite some time, and we've already been seeing leaks on what it might look like (spoiler: it looks like a smartwatch). But we haven't had all the specifics of what this watch is going to entail, though we've heard from our sources that fill in a few of the gaps. Read More >>

Lego’s Art Range Lets You Build Portraits of Famous People

Lego has branched out a lot over the years, but recently it's really going hard on the adult Lego fans. you know, the ones that actually have the money to spend on the extravagant (and expensive) things the company produces. The latest is called Lego Art, and it lets you put together pop-culture portraits with Lego pieces. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung’s Next Galaxy Unpacked is on 5th August, With the Galaxy Note 20 and a 5G Z Flip

I always seem to forget that Samsung likes to launch its new phones before everyone else, even Galaxy Unpacked is usually around the same time as it was the year before. So it shouldn't be any surprise to hear that the Galaxy Note 20 is set to be unveiled at an Unpacked that's happening on 5th August. Read More >>

The Makers of the Crystal Maze Live Experience are Taking on Judge Dredd From Next Spring

I never watched The Crystal Maze when it was on, but apparently it was popular. Popular enough for a reboot hosted by Richard Ayoade and for a 'Live Experience' to pop up in both London and Manchester. Well the people responsible for that last one have a new thing coming, and it's all based on Judge Dredd. Read More >>

Rented e-Scooters are Legal from Saturday, But Private Ones are Still Banned

Back in May the government announced that it was fast-tracking e-scooter legalisation, so people could whiz around the streets in a post-lockdown Britain and stay off public transport. There's a huge catch, though. While rental e-scooters are going to be permissible in the eyes of the law, private ones won't. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung’s Galaxy Beans are Coming in August With One Long-Requested Feature

Back in April leaked renders came out showing off a new kind of Samsung earbud. These new things were codenamed 'Beans' and featured a bean-shaped earbud skips the in-ear design of the Galaxy Buds in favour of a more open design. Read More >>

The Government Has Asked Germany for Help With its Coronavirus Tracking App Shitshow

In case you've been living under a rock, you should know that the government's attempts to create an app for tracking the coronavirus has been an absolute shitshow. And that's putting it nicely. Seriously, if there's anything that perfectly exemplifies the incompetence of the current government, it's this. Read More >>

The Latest Lego Ideas Results are In, and They are Kind of Disappointing

Lego Ideas results day is always disappointing for some, because there are always an incredible number of sets to be chosen and it's rare for more than two of them to be approved. Today's results feels extra disappointing, though, because the sets they picked aren't that exciting (to say the least) compared to what could have been had. Read More >>

Apple Wants You to Use Your iPhone as a Car Key

Do you trust smart locks that you can open up with your phone? Well if you do Apple has the feature for you - the ability to use your iPhone as a car key. So you can stop carrying around your keys, except the ones you need to get in and out of your house. Read More >>

Apple is Finally Bringing an App Drawer and Proper Widgets to iOS 14

The key difference between Android and iOS is that iOS homescreen customisation is crap. It's all the apps on all the pages, with very few options to make your homescreen more personal to you. Read More >>