You Can Buy a OnePlus 6T Nearly a Week Early at the London Pop-up Store

OnePlus doesn't have any permanent retail space round here, but that hasn't stopped it from letting dedicated fans pick up their upgrades in person - and I don't mean making them go to the nearest phone shop and picking up a contract at the same time. Back when the OnePlus 6 was launched OnePlus opened up pop-up stores across the world, and it looks like the OnePlus 6T launch will be no different. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Proper Look at Lego’s Overwatch Sets

Lego has been teasing the fact it has Overwatch-themed sets for months now, culminating in the very first one being unveiled just a few short weeks ago. The Limited Edition mini Bastion was exclusive to Blizzard, and frankly a bit rubbish, so it's good to see that the first wave of the proper range has finally been unveiled. Read More >>

Leaked Images Show off Some of Lego’s Upcoming Christmas-Themed Releases

There's a lot of Lego out in the world. Too much Lego, if you ask some people, but you won't find any of them here at Giz UK. We're always looking for the newest sets that may or may not be coming, and two Christmas-themed options have popped up online: a Christmas present and a reindeer ornament. Read More >>

The Government is Thinking About Making Piracy Blocking Easier

The government doesn't like it when people pirate stuff, because the rights holders complain and take up valuable time that could be better spent torpedoing Brexit negotiations or trying to make fun of Jeremy Corbyn. So it's no surprise that it's thinking about streamlining the whole 'piracy takedown' process. That way things don't have to go through the High Court every. single. time. Read More >>

OnePlus Has Started Teasing the OnePlus 6T’s Camera

We've only got a week to go until the OnePlus 6T's big launch event, with the company descending on New York to show off exactly what the new phone has to offer. But unlike some companies, which have problems syncing up calendars, OnePlus isn't one for strict secrecy. CEO Pete Lau has been teasing the new phone for a while, and now he's trying to show off what the camera can do. Read More >>

Thanks to Apple the OnePlus 6T Will Now Launch on 29th October

Yesterday Apple announced that it had a special event planned for 30th October, and it likely had something to do with new iPads. There was one problem, though, the OnePlus 6T was already due to be unveiled that day. Read More >>

star trek
Michael Dorn is ‘Encouraged’ About the Chances of a Worf-Centric Star Trek Series

Years ago Michael Dorn, better known a Worf in various iterations of Star Trek, came up with the idea to give the angsty Klingon officer his own spin-off TV series. The idea was pitched to Star Trek's home network CBS, but nothing ever came of it - despite Dorn expressing his hopes that the series may someday get made. Given the revitalisation of the franchise that's currently ongoing, what does that mean for Worf? Read More >>

Contactless Payments Are Now More Popular Than Chip-and-PIN in the UK

Contactless card payments have been around for a long time, and in fact it's been 11 years since they first launched here in the UK. But, despite that longevity and increasing popularity, they haven't managed to surpass regular card payments until now. As it turns out during the 12 months following June 2017 contactless payments grew to surpass the old-fashioned (ish) chip-and-pin system. Read More >>

OnePlus Just Announced a Brand New Product… But it’s a Backpack

We talk a lot about OnePlus here at Giz UK, mainly because people really seem to like reading about OnePlus - and who are we to argue with that. Also OnePlus generally make good phones, which is always nice. Today the company has announced a brand new product some people will be able to buy. Before any of you get excited it's not a phone or some sort of OnePlus 6T accessory, it's a backpack. Read More >>

Three’s Bizarre New Advert Tries to Fight Back Against Claims That “Phones Are Bad”

"Phones are bad" is what the world seems to have decided recently. They stop you being able to switch off, and people spend too much time staring at them, so they're very bad for you. Never mind that they can do just about anything. It's why companies have started launching all these screentime features, because you're spending too much time playing with a device that's bad - rather than doing something productive like watching television. But Three has had enough, and has released a new advert to try and highlight how great phones are. Read More >>

YouPorn Launches ‘Search by Emoji’ Feature, Because Words are Clearly Too Inefficient

It's easy to find porn on the internet. Far too easy, if you ask some people, but YouPorn doesn't think it's easy enough. With that in mind it's launching a new feature called 'Search by Emoji' which lets you skip the popular search terms in favour of your phone's array of mini cartoon images. It makes a sort of sense, because typing one-handed can be a bit of a pain. Read More >>

Facebook’s ‘Ripley’ Could Turn Your TV Into a Giant Spying Device

Recently Facebook announced it was releasing something called the Portal. Portal is smart display, with Alexa features, that's primarily designed for audio and video calling people on your Facebook friends list. It was interesting to see such a thing come out of a company that has been levelled with serious privacy-based accusations, especially now that the company has admitted Portal could potentially be used to sell ads to users. But, what if the Portal was your TV? Read More >>

Uber is Launching New Safety Features in the UK and 22 Other European Countries

People have been critical of Uber for a great many things over the years, but one of the most concerning was the company's seemingly lax attitude to safety in the past. It's one of the things that led to Transport for London refusing to renew the company's operating licence. Things have changed since, which is good, and now Uber has announced a string of new safety features are coming to various European cities - including 40 locations in the UK. Read More >>

Scottish Power is Switching to 100% Wind Energy

Wind is good, no matter what some people might say, and it has the capacity to generate an awful lot of energy if enough investment is pumped into the infrastructure. Scottish power definitely believes that, and has announced that it will be selling off its conventional energy generation business to focus all of its attention on generating power from the wind. It's the first major British energy company to do so. Read More >>

New Stupidly-Early Rumour Reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have a Giant-Sized Screen

It's not usual for a phone to have a big screen. In fact, it's unusual for them to be small these days, since the general trend has to go more and more tablet for whatever reason. Probably because watching Netflix (or porn) on a 3-inch display is a pretty rubbish experience. But now a new, and totally unverified rumour, reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 will take things to a new extreme. Read More >>