Did You Plan on Buying a 512GB Galaxy Note 9? Too Bad, Samsung Probably Won’t Let You

When it comes to international releases, phone companies rarely offer a universal range of products. Some of them do, but plenty of them don't. Samsung is one of the worst, keeping certain colours or variants away from specific markets for reasons that never quite make sense. That's not likely to change anytime soon, because the rumoured 512GB Galaxy Note 9 isn't likely to be available here. Read More >>

South Korea is Resurrecting the iPhone 3GS

It doesn't matter which era in history you're in, there will be people telling you that mobile phones are bad. They cause cancer, they keep you up at night, they're too addictive, and so on. Some people have ditched smartphones as a result, sticking with the old fashioned pre-internet phones that can only send calls and texts, but over in South Korea things are a bit different. Read More >>

Lego is Teasing Us With the Possibility of James Bond Sets

The days of Lego being a simple box of bricks are long gone. For nearly 20 years (at least)Lego has bought up licences to various pop-culture brands and converted them into brick-and-minifigure form. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel and DC, Ghostbusters, plus all the many franchises that were bundled into Lego Dimensions. Now they may be joined by 007 himself, if this not-so-cryptic tease from Lego is anything to go by: Read More >>

Leak Reveals Samsung’s Unreleased Dual-Screen Folding Smartphone

A lot has been made about Samsung releasing a folding smartphone sometime in the next 12 months or so, but we don't know many details on what that phone will involve. Well, if this latest leak is to be believed, it probably won't be a folding dual-screen smartphone. That's because Samsung seemingly made one, and never bothered to release it. Read More >>

Jaguar Land Rover Will Lend You a Car for a Year, if You Pay at Least £910 a Month

Everything is run on subscriptions now. Want to watch TV? Subscription. Playing games? Subscription. Buying a phone? That's available as some sort of subscription too. Even living in a house you don't own is technically a subscription, albeit one without much in the way of customer care. You know what else is gunning for the subscription model? Cars. Car subscriptions are fast becoming a thing for rich people, and Jaguar Land Rover is launching one of its own - exclusive to the UK. Read More >>

Don’t Expect the Galaxy Note 9 to Resurrect the Camera Button

Whatever happened to phones coming with camera buttons? There was a period about three of four years long when they were all over the place, but now they're rarer than porn in the Vatican. There had been rumours that the button would make its triumphant return on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but some leakers claim otherwise. Read More >>

Your Pebble Smartwatch Might Not be Completely Useless Just Yet

When Fitbit bought out Pebble, many people assumed the worst. They figured Fitbit taking over would be the end of the Pebble brand, and more importantly the end of support for its smartwatches. It turns out those fears were completely justified, because Fitbit did announce that Pebble was dying, and without support the smartwatches would be rendered mostly useless. There is good news for Pebble stalwarts, though. but you'll need to be quick about it. Read More >>

1 Million OnePlus 6 Devices Were Sold Within a Month

Five years ago OnePlus didn't exist. Now their handsets are some of the most hotly anticipated devices on the market, which isn't too bad. It's nowhere near as popular as Apple and Samsung, but OnePlus does have that dedicated fanbase - a fanbase that purchased over a million OnePlus 6 devices within the first 22 days of sale. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Going to Start Throwing Out All of its Plastic Straws in September

We're all mega environmental these days, adamantly striking out against companies that over use the plastic because David Attenborough showed us all it ends up in the sea. McDonald's has taken that to heart, and after announcing it would be cutting down on the amount of plastic straws it uses, the company has announced every British and Irish branch will be swapping them out for paper versions. Read More >>

Ant-Man and The Wasp Aren’t Happy Their Film Has Been Delayed in the UK Either

Last month it was revealed that Disney had pushed back the UK release date for Ant-Man & The Wasp by almost a month, meaning we'll be getting it on 3rd August rather than the 4th-6th July like most of the world. Many have blamed the World Cup for this move, and The Incredibles 2's delay, because the football cult is apparently so strong people can't drag their eyes away from inter-match coverage for three or four hours. Now the film's stars have had their say, and they aren't happy either. Read More >>

The Government is Considering Options to Make Anti-Piracy Enforcement Easier

Our government has been very big on fighting piracy, and seemingly appeasing the entertainment industry in the process. Whether it's implementing strict ISP blocks or declaring it's actually still illegal to make digital back-ups of your CDs (even if it's only for your personal use). Now the Intellectual property Office has released its plans to further the anti-piracy blockade, and make the process of fighting it easier and cheaper for everyone. And by everyone I mean everyone except the pirates. Read More >>

Don’t Worry Apple Fans, You Can Get World Cup Statistics Too

Recently both Google and Amazon announced they would be tying their services into the World Cup. Google was doing googly things with search and Assistant, while Amazon was letting people pester Alexa with questions to stay up to day or hide their football-based ignorance. Those are rather device specific, so it's worth mentioning Apple's doing all that stuff too. Read More >>

O2’s Going to Start Giving Customers Free Netflix Subscriptions, for a Limited Time

Networks want your business, and to try and entice you into signing one of their contracts they will offer all sorts of perks and freebies. Sometimes it's extra data, faster speeds, early access ticket booking, and others it's offering free subscriptions to various streaming services. Vodafone has been partnering with third party services for a while, and now so is O2. To get you to sign up it's offering new and upgrading customers free subscriptions to Netflix, but they won't be around forever. Read More >>

BBC Sport’s Virtual Reality World Cup App is Now Available to Download

In case you were living under a rock, you'll be well aware that the World Cup is set to kick off later today over in Russia. What you might have missed, if you weren't paying attention, is that there are lots of different ways to watch the action this time around. The BBC is making the viewing experience more high tech by streaming matches in 4K and VR, and while 4K is available via iPlayer VR is going to require a separate app. The good news is that app is now available, and just in time. Read More >>

Talks About Bringing Netflix and YouTube to Switch are “Ongoing” Says Reggie Fils-Aimé

Earlier this week rumours spread that Netflix and YouTube would be coming to Nintendo Switch, after Best Buy accidentally posted that information on its website. The retailer recanted, but the damage was done and many expected Nintendo to announce the news during its E3 showcase later that day. That didn't happen, but now Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé has said some words. Read More >>