Disney Shouldn’t Have Waited to Launch Disney+ in the UK

At the start of November last year, mere weeks before the launch of Disney+ in the US and Canada, Disney announced that its first proper streaming service wouldn't be hitting the UK and other western European countries until 31st March – six months down the line. That date has been moved up by a week, but we really have to wonder whether the delay was actually necessary. Read More >>

star trek
How to Watch Star Trek: Picard in the UK

Today is the day that we finally see the return of Jean-Luc Picard, who hasn't been seen on any sort of screen for a good 18 years. Seriously, it's been 18 years since Star Trek: Nemesis flopped at the box office, and nearly killed Star Trek for good. But after all that time we're pushing into the future of Star Trek with first entry in the Picard-centric Picard hitting the catalogue of CBS All Access over in the States. But since we are not in America we can't do that, and this is how you can watch the first episode for yourself. Read More >>

EE’s Opened Up Moto Razr Pre-Orders, So We Finally Know How Much it’ll Cost in the UK

Moto Razr is a new kind of foldable phone, taking on the classic characteristics of a flip phone instead of the tablet-like designs used by Samsung, Huawei, and Royole. It's just been revealed that the phone is set to arrive very soon, and you can go ahead and pre-order one from EE right now. And it ain't cheap. Read More >>

Monty Python’s Terry Jones Dies Aged 77

This is rather a sad day for the fans of classic British comedy, because we just found out that Monty Python's Terry Jones died on Monday at the age of 77. Read More >>

The 864-Piece Lego Ideas International Space Station Only Costs £65

Yesterday Lego teased the International Space Station set would be revealed later today, and it seems it's good on keeping those promises. Now we know that the latest lego Ideas set comes with 864 pieces, goes on sale on 1st February, and will cosy £65 - which isn't that bad considering. Read More >>

Disney+ is Coming to the UK a Week Early, and We Finally Know How Much it Will Cost

Disney+ arrived in the US (and other regions) back in November, while Disney was resigned to making us Brits wait until 31st March if we wanted to subscribe for ourselves. Now, though, Disney has graciously pulled up the release date - but only by a week. Oh and we know how much it will cost. Read More >>

Lego’s Announcing Some ISS News Tomorrow

Last year we found out that Lego was bringing the International Space Station Project back from the death imposed by not being picked by the Lego Ideas committee. Then a couple of weeks ago we were informed of a German advert confirming a 1st February release date. Now Lego is teasing a big announcement that's coming tomorrow. Read More >>

A Deaf Man is Suing Pornhub for Not Having Enough Subtitles

Some would argue that Pornhub (and its associated sites) has done quite a bit to improve the accessibility of its site, what with a new site for the visually impaired and close captioning on some videos for the deaf. But apparently that isn't enough, because the company is being sued for not having enough closed-captioning subtitles. Read More >>

Save Over £200 on a Brand New Roomba Robot Vacuum

Robots are expensive, and honestly a bit rubbish right now. Which is a good thing because it means they can't rise up and kill all the humans. But people still want them, because automating stuff is a lot nicer for our lazy selfish selves than getting out of bed and doing some proper work. Which is why you might be interested in this Roomba discount. Read More >>

James Bond Will Always be a Man, Says Producer Barbara Broccoli

For the past few years, what with the impending departure of Daniel Craig as cinema's favourite spy, there have been some speculation as to whether James Bond could be gender-swapped in a future film. The answer is no, as it turns out, at least not while Barbara Broccoli is in charge. Read More >>

5G is Available on Sky Mobile, and it’s Not Going to Cost You Extra

5G was supposed to arrive on Sky Mobile back in November, but for some reason that launch never actually happened. Instead time went on and 5G never appeared until today, with Sky announcing that 5G is launching today, and it's not going to cost any more than a 4G contract. Read More >>

Buy Lego’s Old Trafford Set and You Can Get the ‘United Trinity’ Gift Too

Earlier this week Lego announced that it was bringing a brickified version of Old Trafford football stadium, and VIPs can buy it from tomorrow. Plus, if you are a VIP that gets hold of one before the end of the month, you can get a free 'United Trinity' gift along with it. Read More >>

Piccadilly Circus Becomes Picardilly to Advertise That New Star Trek Series

Star Trek: Picard arrives on 23rd January, and then reaches the UK a day later via Amazon Prime Video. Obviously that means the advertising campaign is kicking off in force, and part of it includes turning London's Piccadilly Circus into Picardilly. Read More >>

Google’s Pixelbook Go is Now Available in the UK, Costs £629

Back in October Google announced it had another expensive Chromebook on the way, in the form of the Pixelbook Go. It promised to be lighter, and faster than the original Pixelbook, and also proved to be significantly cheaper. The only thing we didn't have was UK availability, which is always annoying. Now, three months later, Google has confirmed that the Pixelbook Go is now available to buy in the not-so United Kingdom. Read More >>

Batwoman and Harley Quinn are Coming to E4 in the UK

Last month, while Crisis on Infinite Earths was kicking off its first three episodes a problem arose for anyone that was planning to watch the crossover (legally) in the UK. Namely that Sky had the rights to every participating series except Batwoman, which didn't have a home. Well there is some news to share, because it turns out E4 is on a rights-buying streak, and will bringing Batwoman to the UK alongside the new animated Harley Quinn series. Read More >>