Google’s Algorithm Is Lying to You About Onions and Blaming Me for It 

A little under five years ago, I got angry about a piece of fake information, and I decided to do something about it. I was reading a recipe in the New York Times, and the recipe told me, as many, many recipes had told me before, that it would take about 10 minutes of cooking to caramelise onions. Read More >>

On Wikipedia, Pokémon Go Is a Bigger Deal Than the Bible

My kids aren’t playing Pokémon Go yet, but the older one had heard enough about it that he started reading up about it. When I looked at the screen after he’d been on the computer, I encountered this incredible wall of text: Read More >>

star wars
Selected Star Wars Toys of Mine, Ranked

I saw Star Wars in the cinema in 1977, the summer before I turned six. Then I saw it again, and again, and again. The mythology of my childhood was structured around the movie, rather than vice versa. So my parents’ attic ended up with a lot of Star Wars toys in it. Read More >>