EU Warns Google Buying Fitbit Presents a Major Privacy Risk

It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced it had plunked down $2.1 billion to acquire Fitbit. While the news was welcomed by some, many others raised the question of what would happen with all that health data Fitbit had collected. You can count the European Data Protection Board among the latter. At its 18th plenary session, the advisory board released a statement expressing concern that the acquisition represents a major privacy risk. Read More >>

Hasbro’s Baby Yoda Animatronic is Too Cute

Baby Yoda was definitely the break out star of The Mandalorian, but it also looks like he’s the breakout star of this year’s Toy Fair too. A slew of Baby Yoda toys just dropped at a Disney event today, but of all of them, this animatronic plush by Hasbro is the highlight Read More >>

Ring Finally Rolls Out Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication After Privacy Scandals

Following scandals involving hijacked camera feeds the company blamed on its users and leaky data, Amazon-owned Ring is making two-factor authentication mandatory on its devices. As of this week, users will have to input a one-time, six-digit code via email or SMS any time they log in to their camera feeds. The company is also introducing new controls for what information is shared with third-parties. Read More >>

Airline CEO Nose-Dives Into the Seat Reclining Debate

Recently, the internet was split asunder by a great moral conundrum over a viral video of a man punching a woman’s seat when she tried to recline. Some people took the man’s side – tall people have knees and it’s rude to recline! Others took the woman’s side – she paid for her seat, and has every right! Well, everybody step aside because Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian has an opinion and officially weighed in on the matter. Read More >>

UA HOVR Machina Review: Ugly as Sin, but Good For Running

Last year I reviewed Under Armour’s HOVR Infinite shoes, which sync with your smartphone to offer running data from the built-in Bluetooth chip. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed working out in them. I expected the shoes to be more gimmick than substance, but the personalised gait-coaching actually helped me shave two minutes off my average mile time. They died a noble death after I ran more than 300 miles in them. So, as you might imagine, I had higher expectations for the latest addition to the HOVR lineup, the Machina. Read More >>

Facebook Stealthily Launched a Pinterest-Esque App Called Hobbi

Facebook’s at it again. While everybody knows the company for its eponymous app, it also regularly plays around with launching new ones on the down-low. Remember Lasso? How about Whale, Bump, or Aux? Well, the latest experimental app from Facebook is a Pinterest-like app called Hobbi. Read More >>

Malware Threats on Macs Outpace Windows For First Time Ever

It’s generally accepted that Macs are safer and less malware-prone than Windows PCs. Well, not anymore. A new report says that for the first time ever, Mac-specific threats outpaced PCs by a rate of 2:1 in 2019. Read More >>

Mobile World Congress Cancelled Over Coronavirus Fears: Reports

Companies have been cancelling appearances at Mobile World Congress 2020 left and right – to the point where GSMA, the conference’s organiser, has decided to pull the plug on the event entirely. Read More >>

Google’s HR Chief to Step Down as Worker Tensions Intensify

Google’s VP of People Operations Eileen Naughton will be stepping down later this year. Naughton, who has been at the company for 13 years, became the company’s head of human resources back in 2016 and has since overseen the breakdown between management and rank-and-file employees. Read More >>

Apple Joins Fido Alliance in its Bid to Get Rid of Passwords

Apple, which has long prided itself on its devices’ security, has joined the Fido Alliance as a board member. As for why that matters, it’s great news if you hate using passwords or password managers. Read More >>

The Best Thing About This Smartwatch Is the Strap

There’s no shortage of stylish Wear OS watches—it’s literally Fossil’s main reason for existing at this point. The company and its small army of designer brands make up the bulk of Android-friendly smartwatches out there. The problem is, they’re all functionally interchangeable. They run the same software, sport the same features, with maybe one or two proprietary apps that make you go: “Huh, well, that’s kind of new I guess.” This is all largely true of the Skagen Falster 3, but there’s one thing I absolutely love about it: the strap. Read More >>

France Smacks Apple With £21 Million Fine for Slowing Down iPhones

Back in 2017, Apple admitted to throttling older iPhones with new software updates. It sparked the ire of iPhone users everywhere and a number of lawsuits, leading Apple to offer discounted battery replacements. Today, the DGCCRF, France’s consumer watchdog group, has slapped Apple with a €25 million (£21 million) fine for failing to inform consumers that updating their software would lead to slower iPhones. Read More >>

New Phillips Hue Smart Light Hack Uses Old Chain Reaction Vulnerability

The Internet of Things is full of insecure and somewhat dubious gadgets, but Philips Hue has generally had a decent reputation – a big reason why it’s one of the more popular brands in the space. However, researchers from Check Point Software have found that an already-known vulnerability with Hue lightbulbs could still be exploited to take control over your home or corporate network. Read More >>

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wants to ‘Kill Samsung’ With Another Folding Phone

As if the Pablo Escobar Fold 1 wasn’t enough, there is now a second Pablo Escobar-branded folding smartphone. The name? Wait for it – the Pablo Escobar Fold 2. Read More >>

MIT Built a Smart Surface That Could Give Wifi a Megaboost

Faster wireless speeds are on the way, but getting good signal strength in offices and homes is still a problem. To help address that problem, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a type of “smart surface” that it says can boost a phone’s signal strength by 1,000 percent. Read More >>