Are You Ready For an Alexa Robot to Follow You Around?

Just in case you wanted a robot butler to follow you around the house, Amazon is reportedly working on an Alexa bot with wheels that can be summoned via voice commands. Read More >>

Now We Know What the Hell is Going on With Huawei – Sort Of

It’s been a rough few months for Huawei, but as of now, it looks like there might be some relief for the Chinese tech giant at the centre of recent U.S.–China trade tensions. In a speech in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross clarified that while Huawei will remain on the Entity List, his department will issue trade licenses for companies provided “there is no threat to U.S. national security.” Read More >>

Google Lens Can Now Tell You Who Created That Cool Artwork You Walked Past

Anyone who’s ever gone exploring in a new city has probably walked past some cool street art, Instagrammed it, and then went “Oh well, whoever made it was really cool.” Instead of shrugging your shoulders, Google Lens could soon be used to find out which local artist crafted the artwork. Read More >>

Mozilla to Launch Premium Firefox Browser With Ad-Free News for £4 a Month

No one likes ads, and Firefox is banking on that hatred. On Friday, Mozilla announced a forthcoming premium version of its Firefox browser with ad-free news articles—and offer some other features—for $5 (£3.99, UK price TBA) a month. Read More >>

What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

It’s been 25 whole years since Amazon burst onto the scene as an online bookseller in July of 1994. Now, it’s a giant, package-delivering behemoth that despite some unsavoury headlines, all of us probably use because it’s just so damn convenient. Read More >>

Apple’s Project Titan Dreamed Up a Car With Retractable Bumpers

Apple’s Project Titan car has long been shrouded in mystery – most of what we know about it comes in the form of patents that trickle out into the public every few months. The latest patent, released this morning and originally filed in November 2016, shows Apple at one point imagined an extendable, somewhat inflatable, bumper. Read More >>

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Someone Made a Portable Keanu Gif Player and I Need it Now

Keanu Reeves has always been great. That said, we are truly living in the golden age of the Keanu Renaissance. So much so that someone has created a DIY, portable Keanu gif player, because why resign yourself to merely imagining his glory, when you can watch multiple ten-second clips of it? Read More >>

Apple Risks Infuriating the White House as It Reportedly Moves Assembly of Mac Pro to China

Back in 2012, it was a Big Deal when Apple decided to assemble the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas. Fast forward seven years, and now it seems Apple will manufacture the new Mac Pro will be built in China, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Instagram Is Ruining Instant Photography – The Instax Mini LiPlay Is Proof

There’s a reason instant cameras died the first time around: They’re unwieldy, the film is expensive, and even if you’re a great photographer, you’re going to have a tonne of overexposed or blurry snaps in which no one looks good. Their recent resurgence is as much about nostalgia as it is about looking cool when you post a pic of your crappy-yet-artful shots on Instagram because let’s face it, while instant photography kind of sucks, the unpredictability is part of what makes using instant cameras fun. Read More >>

Google May Have Used Your Mannequin Challenge Videos to Train AI

Remember back in 2016 when everybody was posting those Mannequin Challenge videos? Well, it turns out that instead of collecting dust in Ye Olde Meme Archive, Google researchers are using the videos to help train robots to better navigate their surroundings. Read More >>

Slack Goes Wonky, Gives Millions the Day Off

If you woke up Friday morning, logged into Slack, only to find it a hellhole of bugs – it’s not just you. Users all over the world have been reporting outages, repeating messages, and errors with the popular workplace communication tool. Read More >>

Following News That Jony Ive is Leaving, Apple Stock Loses Billions

Within an hour of Apple announcing that Sir Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, is leaving to form his own design company, Apple saw around $9 billion wiped from its market cap. The money men aren’t happy. Read More >>

YouTube Is Finally Giving You More Control Over the Videos Its Algorithm Puts In Your Face

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm doesn’t have the best track record. It’s been caught mixing up inappropriate videos featuring popular kids’ entertainment characters, pushing home videos of children to paedophiles, and even radicalising youths toward extremist politics. Against that backdrop, the video platform announced it’s going to start giving users greater control over what content pops up on their homepage and Up Next videos. Read More >>

Facebook Agrees to Hand Over Hate Speech Data to French Courts

France just scored what it’s characterising as a major victory in the battle to curb online hate speech—one that potentially carries significant implications for privacy and free speech online. Read More >>

Chinese Chipmakers Say It’s Not Possible to Hit Goals Imposed By State Without American Tech

The US and China have been tit-for-tat in the ongoing trade war between the two countries, but Chinese chipmakers are now saying it’ll be impossible to meet China’s national targets without access to American technology, reports Nikkei Asian Review. Read More >>