All the Apple Rumours You Can Handle Heading Into Its Streaming and News Event Next Week

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s an Apple event on 25th March. That’s probably why we’ve seen Apple quetly drop some refreshes of familiar products these past few days. Monday saw two slightly beefed-up iPads, Tuesday brought news of an upgraded iMac, and yesterday, Apple quietly released new AirPods. Read More >>

Samsung Almost Made a Perfect Smartwatch, But Its Health Tracking Is a Disaster

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch at its Unpacked Event a few weeks ago, I was cautiously optimistic. Sure, it did away with the company’s signature rotating bezel, but otherwise, it was sleek, had all the right specs, and honestly, Samsung has consistently put out some of the best Android-friendly smartwatches over the past few years. It just always seems to struggle with the leap from pretty good, to really great. Read More >>

Hey Google, Nobody Asked For Google Assistant In Their Games

So, Google’s Stadia game streaming service is here. Along with it comes the all-new Stadia-specific controllers. And on that nifty controller is a button that allows you to launch Google Assistant. What? Read More >>

RIP Your Wallet: Instagram Adds In-App Shopping

If you’ve ever browsed through your Instagram feed and thought “Oh that shirt is cute but haha, thank god that’s way too much effort for me to actually leave this app and buy it” – bad news, friends. Instagram announced that starting today, it’s introducing an in-app checkout feature. Read More >>

Netflix Finally Decides to Pull Real-Life Disaster Footage From Bird Box 

In an about face, Netflix has decided to pull footage of the tragic Lac-Mégantic rail accident from its original film Bird Box—almost two months after a spokesperson said the clip will stay in the movie. Read More >>

Google Is Shuttering Its Gimmicky Immersive Video Studio

After six years, Google is shutting down Spotlight Stories, its in-house immersive entertainment studio. What exactly was Spotlight Stories, you ask? Fair question. Unless you’re an avid virtual reality enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of Google’s attempts at creating 360-degree short films for smartphones. Read More >>

Amazon Pulls Books Peddling Toxic “Autism Cures”

Amazon has pulled two books peddling pseudoscientific “autism cures” that promote giving children potentially toxic chemical baths and medication for mercury poisoning. Read More >>

You Won’t Miss the Features Cut From the Fitbit Versa Lite

Buying a smartwatch can be intimidating. They’re expensive, most of them come with similar features, and it can be difficult for first-timers to navigate the technobabble marketing speak to find a smartwatch that suits their needs. That’s exactly the issue Fitbit is trying to solve with its Versa Lite Edition. At £150, it’s less than half the price of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4 and aside from push notifications, it doesn’t really mess with more complicated smart features, like ECG readings and voice assistants. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Newest Inspire Fitness Trackers Fail To Do Just That

Despite what wearables makers would have you think, it’s not just all smartwatches. There’s still a place for the humble fitness tracker. For starters, they’re much cheaper than smartwatches, provide accurate fitness tracking, have better battery life, and are perfectly adequate at delivering push notifications. This basically sums up Fitbit’s new flagship fitness trackers, the Inspire and Inspire HR. Read More >>

Nvidia Will End Support for Its 3D Glasses, an Incredible Technology You Definitely Use

Remember back when 3D TVs, movies, live sporting events, and glasses were a thing? Yeah, well, Nvidia realises you don’t either, and as a result, it’s pulling support for 3D Vision, its platform for gaming with 3D glasses. Read More >>

Is It Actually Okay To Touch Your Computer Screen?

It’s a topic that’s polarising for techies and Luddites alike: Is it ever truly okay to touch your laptop or desktop screen? Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Help Your Heirs Better Manage Your Page When You Die

When you die in real life, your social media accounts remain—often as a digital mourning space for friends and family. Facebook is a particularly prominent example of that, and now the company is rolling out a new Tributes feature that lets users leave messages in a dedicated section of a memorialised account (that is, one created by a dead person) separate from the profile’s Timeline. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Cheap New Trackers Seriously Undercut the Apple Watch

Apple might dominate when it comes to smartwatch sales, but Fitbit’s looking to make a dent in its lead by launching four new devices today: the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, the Inspire and Inspire HR, and the Ace 2. As its name suggests, the Versa Lite is a streamlined version of its popular Versa smartwatch. Meanwhile, the Inspire and Inspire HR will replace Fitbit’s lower end trackers, and the Ace 2 is an updated version of its child-friendly tracker. But the real kicker is that none of them cost over £150—less than half the cost of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4. Read More >>

Yes, Apple. Siri Is Extremely Terrible

Apple is hiring an analyst, but not just any old analyst. It’s hiring someone to sift through the social media hellscape and parse just how customers really feel about its voice assistant Siri. Read More >>

This Cheap Robot Vacuum Isn’t Super Flashy, But It Gets the Job Done

Even though they’re still kind of dumb, robot vacuums happen to be the most successful type of home robot right now. But a couple of years ago, they were too expensive for the average person, and budget options tended to be hilariously awful. They’d miss obvious dust bunnies, crash into furniture, and get hopelessly lost under your bed searching for the charging dock. Read More >>