climate change
Without Radical Innovation, Air Conditioning Is Set to Make Global Warming Much Worse

In the developing world, air conditioners indicate progress. More importantly, air conditioners can offer relief to people in hot countries like India, China, and Mexico. In a warmer world plagued by climate change, having an AC may literally be the difference between life and death. Read More >>

Spain to Ban the Sale of All Non-Electric Cars by 2040

Spain is wasting no time. The country plans to dramatically decarbonise its economy by 2050, and that includes banning a lot of cars, according to a draft law the Ministry for Ecological Transition published Tuesday. Read More >>

Extremely Relatable Salmon Get Stuck in Traffic While Migrating

Salmon will do whatever it takes to make some babies. They’ll even dart across oncoming traffic, apparently. Read More >>

Damnit, Another 4 Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Have Died After Being Relocated

Efforts to save the critically-endangered black rhino appear cursed. Conservation nonprofit African Parks and South African National Parks, along with the governments of South Africa and Chad, confirmed Friday that two more black rhinos have died in Zakouma National Park in Chad. The news follows confirmation of two other rhino carcasses in the park in October. Read More >>

Opponents Plan to Stop Controversial Hawaiian Telescope’s Construction ‘At Whatever Cost’

Native Hawaiians have a long history of losing battles over their land. This stems all the way back to the late 1800s when white sugar farmers overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom. Today, the battle lines are drawn around Mauna Kea, a sacred mountain that’s ultimately what drew the Polynesians to Hawaii, according to folklore. Ancestors are buried there, and the mountain itself is considered an ancestor. Read More >>

Palau Becomes First Nation to Ban Sunscreens That Harm Corals

Sunscreen is essential for any tropical trip. After all, no one’s trying to return home with red, burnt skin. Your favourite brand may soon be illegal, however, if you’re headed to Palau, a 500-island archipelago in the Pacific. Why? Because some sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to coral. Read More >>

Has Haiti Lost Nearly All of Its Forest? It’s Complicated

The cloud forests of Haiti’s Macaya National Park are believed to carry the world’s largest concentration of endemic amphibians. Island ecosystems are hotspots for biodiversity, and historically, Haiti was no different. Read More >>

Internet-Famous Gay Penguin Couple Welcomes New Chick Into the World

Love is a wonderful thing, especially when it involves gay penguin dads. Read More >>

Thom Yorke’s New Ode to the Antarctic Will Give You Chills

If Antarctica had a theme song, I imagine it’d be a lyricless, transcendent tune. It’d be both irresistible and eerie. I imagine it’d sound a lot like this: Read More >>

The Biggest Organism on Earth Is Dying, and It’s Our Fault

The heaviest organism on Earth isn’t a whale or an elephant. It’s a tree – or rather, a system of over 40,000 clonal trees, all connected by their roots. Pando, a 13 million pound organism in central Utah, is believed to have sprouted toward the end of the last Ice Age. Read More >>

climate change
Drink Beer While You Can Still Afford It

The climate apocalypse wants to strip us of everything sacred in this world. There are concerns about chocolate (though it isn’t going extinct), the future of wine, and even the potential loss of Tabasco sauce! Read More >>

These Award Winning Photos Capture Nature’s Most Mesmerising Patterns

Nature hides patterns everywhere. The key is knowing where to look. Read More >>

The Strongest Storm of the Year Shook Southeast Asia This Weekend

Tropical Storm Mangkhut was on the move Monday as it made its way through Southeast Asia. The former Super Typhoon, which at its peak became the strongest storm to form on Earth this year so far, has been pummelling Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines all weekend. Read More >>

Cute Blue Bird From Rio Now Believed to Be Extinct in the Wild

Anyone who’s seen the funky animated movie Rio knows of the Spix’s macaw, the beautiful and goofy blue bird thought to be among the last of his kind in the film. While the character Blu succeeds in saving his species by falling in love and ultimately becoming a father, the reality isn’t nearly as sweet. Read More >>