“Prepare Your Machines for the New £1 Coin!” Treasury Warns UK Businesses

The Treasury has set up a slightly shouty new website reminding businesses that a new-look £1 coin is coming next year, and they need to be ready for it or else. Read More >>

The Round £1 Coin is Another Step Closer to Death

The new £1 coin is officially in production. The 12-sided piece, which has split public opinion, will enter circulation in March 2017, with the current £1 coin set for retirement six months later. Read More >>

The Last Ever Round £1 Coin Has Been Made (Prepare For its 12-Sided Replacement)

The Royal Mint has produced the final ever batch of £1 coins, with the nickel-brass piece set to be replaced in 2017. That’s right, the end of the road for the much-loved lump of metal is approaching, and the incoming new model isn’t even round. In just over a year, a 12-sided, bi-metallic version of the £1 coin will enter circulation, and you can almost hear the outrage already. Read More >>

iOS 5 File System Sleuthing Uncovers Potentially Beefier Apple TV

9to5Mac's discovered what appears to be a nice new AppleTV hiding in the file system of the upcoming iOS 5 file system code. Read More >>