Apple’s Finally (Slowly) Giving Up on 16GB Phones

Forget fancy cameras in your iPhone, or iOS 10, or the lack of a headphone jack. The real thing to celebrate out of today’s iPhone 7 announcement is the end of the piddly 16 gigabyte iPhone. That dreaded “out of storage warning” will now be a thing of the past...at least until you load up your 32GB iPhone with millions of videos of your cat doing something cute. Read More >>

Want a Nexus 7? Don’t Buy One Until Tomorrow

Hurricane Sandy may have spoiled the big reveal, but we're apparently still being treated to a new 32GB Nexus 7 tomorrow. Add that to rumours that this new higher capacity model will cost only £199, and the chances look good for another price drop for the 16GB variant. [Pocket Lint] Read More >>

Galaxy Nexus from Google
The 32GB Galaxy Nexus Gets Unceremoniously Dumped

Bad news Galaxy Nexus fans, you’re stuck with just the 16GB variant after Samsung has reportedly ditched attempts to roll out a planned larger 32GB-equipped version, meaning it’ll never see the light of day at least in Europe. Read More >>