Kids From the 1970s Had Some Adorable Ideas for the Year 1999

Did you ever imagine what the future would be like when you were a kid? We all did. Some of us were obsessed with jetpacks and robots, while others dreamed of videophones and space travel. It was “all of the above” for two kids in Reynoldsville in the US state of Pennsylvania, who imagined what the futuristic world of 1999 would look like in 1975. Read More >>

Even Tunnocks Tea Cakes Can’t Resist a Bit of 1970s Sexism

The maker of the classic Tunnocks Tea Cake thought it might be nice or clever or funny to reimagine the bizarre 1970s world of the sexist tennis advert to sell its products, and used a massive billboard to show a woman stuffing a tea cake into her pants. It's going to melt up there, those foil wrappers do nothing. Read More >>

Milton Keynes Cows Vandalised / Massively Improved by Dinosaur Respray

The famous concrete cows of Milton Keynes have been vandalised, with the local equivalent of Banksy blacking them up and turning them into dinosaur skeletons. Read More >>