‘Have I Been Pwned’ Integrates With Firefox and 1Password to Tell You When You’ve Been Pwned

With fresh data breaches surfacing nearly every day, it’s impossible for one person to keep track of it all. Thankfully, there’s an app for that, and starting soon, it will be even more accessible for millions of users. Read More >>

1Password’s Changing Its Data Format Following Metadata Criticism

1Password has announced that it’s switching the format it uses to store its users’ data, so that less of the metadata it holds is left unencrypted. Read More >>

Steal This Idea: A Smartwatch App That Automatically Provides Passwords

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just walk up to your locker, glance at your wrist, and see the right combination appear on your smartwatch screen? Particularly if you multiply that by every lock and password you encounter over the course of a day? Read More >>

1 Password is Now Available on Android

1 Password, the popular password management app that has long been geared nearly exclusively to OSX and iOS, has finally got the Android version users deserve—in that it actually works. The newly revamped edition is now available in Google Play. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8 Is Going to Have Some Super Sweet Password Management Features

Services like 1Password and LastPass are life changers, you sign in with one master password and the app logs you into everything. No need to remember how many symbols and alphanumeric codes you've used. No need to remember 312 different passwords. Well, Windows 8 is going to have the same awesome password management built-in. Read More >>