For the First Time in Its History, 2000 AD’s Sci-Fi Special Will Have an All-Female Creative Team

On and off over the past four decades, British comic magazine 2000 AD has released regular summer anthologies featuring a collection of scifi tales from across its roster of comic book heroes. But this year will mark a big change for the publisher: It’s the first time they’re printing a summer special created entirely by women. Read More >>

How The ‘British Invasion’ Changed the World of Comics

When you hear the phrase 'British Invasion', the thing that probably comes to mind is the influx of British rock and pop bands into the US market back in the 1960s. But what if I told you there was another British Invasion in the '80s? Read More >>

2000AD Film Ditches Dredd for Talking Heads

Famed UK comic 2000AD is about to be the star of a new film, only this time no one's interested in who's going to "be" Judge Dredd. Because it's a documentary. Read More >>

Nigel Farage Elected to Power in Fortuitously Fake Judge Dredd Universe

Common pint-holding man of the (small minority of) people Nigel Farage is set to be made a mockery of in comic form, thanks to the makers of the Judge Dredd comic 2000AD creating a character designed to look and sound like the wannabe political powerbroker. Read More >>