What’s The Earliest Trace Of Yourself You Can Still Find Online?

The internet is so deeply woven into our everyday lives, we hardly think about it anymore. We've all been posting, commenting, liking, and sharing for at least a decade. In the process, we've all left a long digital trail. What's the oldest remnant of your online life that you can still find? Read More >>

MySpace Wants You Back, if Only to Delete Photos of Your Innocent Younger Self

MySpace has hit upon a novel way of reminding us it used to exist, by emailing out photos of our younger selves. The idea being we'll all flock back to talk about Evanescence, Will Young, Eminem and whatever else our stupid former personalities used to like in 2003. Read More >>

Here’s What Tablets Looked Like in 2001, Courtesy of the Nokia M510

It's probably for the best that tablets didn't really enter the public mindset until a few years ago, as the Nokia M510 Web Tablet from the distant past year of 2001 shows that the technology of the early 2000s wasn't exactly... glamorous. Read More >>