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Fun Morphing Animation Summarises What Happened in 2015

2015 was a year. And like most years, things happened. Pranay Patwardhan summarises the big events in this wonderful animation. The world’s biggest stories morph into each other seamlessly. Can you recognise them all? Read More >>

This is What UK Wankers Searched for on Pornhub in 2015

Pornhub, a site more important to many of us than Google and Facebook, has bashed out a highly-detailed report of what its users searched for over the course of last year. The stats make for fascinating, if slightly cringey, reading, and show that the rest of the world is just as dirty-minded as you are. Read More >>

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Watch YouTube’s Most Popular Videos of 2015

Have some time to kill? YouTube has just announced its most popular videos of 2015, which include everything from dance crazes to Justin Bieber doing karaoke in a car. You can watch them here. Read More >>

Everything That Happened on Twitter in 2015

Each year, Twitter rounds up the biggest events that its users have discussed over the past twelve months. So what were the biggest stories to trend on Twitter in 2015? Read More >>

Chromecast (2015) Review: Smaller, Faster, and Still Totally Worth It

Two years ago the Google god in the sky gave unto us a £30 media-streaming dongle, and lo, it was good. Pretty good anyway, and it got better with software updates, but it still has lagging tendencies. Well, it’s 2015 baby, so what’s the new Chromecast got? Less lag! And... that’s pretty much it. But honestly, that might be enough. Read More >>

Election Rules Explained For All You Disinterested Youth Voters

We're in a national purdah, don't you know? That's the awkward period in the run up to an election, where local governments are restricted from introducing radical proposals, lest the political landscape change in a few months and everything has to be undone. So no Ukip candidates can sneakily declare war on Bulgaria while everyone's attention is focused on the kitchen fittings of potential national leaders, for example. Read More >>

Jurassic World Added to 2015’s Staggering Summer Blockbuster Line-up

2015 might be the best ever year for big-budget blockbusters, thanks to Universal revealing that its Jurassic World dino romp is scheduled to appear that summer. So that's Jurassic Park IV, Batman vs. Superman, Independence Day 2 and Star Wars VII going head-to-head in 2015. Most people might go crazy and watch all four. Read More >>

UK to Have Superfastest Broadband in Europe by 2015, Says Hopeful Minister

The UK's roll-out of "superfast" broadband will see us boasting of having the fastest broadband in all of Europe in 2015, as the next-gen fibre cabinets boost our averages to unprecedented levels. Read More >>