Huawei Shipped 200 Million Phones In 2018

2018 wasn't an easy year for anyone, but it was a particularly rough ride for Huawei. The Chinese phone manufacturer saw its American dream die, was repeatedly named a threat to national and international security, was caught cheating benchmarks and faking smartphone photos, among other troubles. Read More >>

15 Christmas Features We WON’T Be Writing This Year

You've probably guessed this already being the savvy online sort who reads more than the headlines, but what happens on a lot of internet sites is that some features at this time of year are written in advance, then scheduled to automatically post around Christmas time so the staff can have a rest. Because this is really hard, you know? I've only had nine tea breaks in the last two hours. Read More >>

Set a Reminder for the Biggest Space Events of the Year With Just a Click

Things may not go the way you plan in 2018. Maybe you won’t get that promotion, or stick to your New Year’s resolutions but the universe will keep ticking away like a finely tuned clock. Things have already kicked off with “biggest full moon of 2018” appearing yesterday, on 1st January, and many other huge events are on the way. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to keep track of it all. Read More >>