This Parody of Blade Runner Is Prepared to Hunt Down 2019’s Real Machine Menace

Okay, yeah, the replicants aren’t bad, that’s the whole point of Blade Runner. But, throwing that little subtextual wrinkle out the window, let’s consider the fact that Blade Runner is now set in the present. It’s November 2019, the same timeframe as the original film. It’s happening, out there, in the streets. And if it’s happening, maybe it’s happening like this. Read More >>

London’s NYE Fireworks Contained A Pro-EU Message

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has royally pissed off the Brexiteers by including pro-EU messages in his New Year tweets and even the fireworks themselves. Read More >>

New Details Emerge About the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Folding Phone

Exciting new details about Samsung's phone plans for next year – including 5G, the rumoured foldable phone and the Galaxy S10 – have been revealed in a new report. Read More >>