The Writers of Deadpool Are Thinking About His Next Movie a Lot

Thanks to his first two films, Deadpool already has a pretty wide-open world to play in. With Disney’s purchase of Fox, that world, hypothetically, is about to get a lot bigger. Read More >>

Disney’s Plan to Acquire Fox is Back On, Thanks to a New £53 Billion Deal

A business saga almost worthy of its own summer comic book event might be getting close to its big finale. After a disruption in the form of a rival deal from Comcast, Disney and Fox have announced a renewed deal for the House of Mouse to merge most of Fox’s entertainment subsidiaries into its operations. Read More >>

Disney’s Plans to Buy Fox Just Hit a Major Snag and Its Name is Comcast

Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney would very much like to get its hands on all of the sweet, juicy, profitable comic book IP that Fox smartly secured back in the ‘90s, but the House of Mouse’s tentative $52.4 billion offer might no longer be enough to seal the deal. Read More >>

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Murdoch Brothers Seek To Prove Trustworthiness By Having Secret Talks About Sky Bid

Despite being media publishers, the Murdoch family themselves tend to like to do business without shouting about it. Rupert Murdoch has previously held secret meetings with Theresa May in New York and David Cameron numerous times away from the public gaze at 10 Downing Street. And like father, like sons it has today emerged that James and Lachlan Murdoch have been playing secret squirrels over at Ofcom HQ. Read More >>