24 Legacy: Will Eric Carter’s Galaxy S7 Edge Really Last All Day?

Last night saw the premiere of 24: Legacy, a new 12-part spin-off of the real time terrorist fightin' soap opera. This time, Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer is nowhere to be seen, and the lead role has instead gone to Corey Hawkins' as Eric Carter, an ex-army ranger who is being hunted by terrorists now back home in the United States. Read More >>

24 Legacy: Does Jack Bauer’s Black & White Morality Still Work in 2017?

24 is back, even if Jack Bauer isn’t. With Kiefer Sutherland now saving America from the relative safety of the Oval Office in Designated Survivor, the job of kicking terrorists in the face now falls to Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter, 24: Legacy’s lead. Read More >>

Northern Newspaper 24 Launches Today

A newspaper designed to have a certain "northern flavour" has launched today. Called 24, the concept is to bin the usual London-centric media nonsense in favour of something that gives more weight to the stories from the upper parts of the UK while remaining politically neutral. Read More >>

Nine Electrocutions, Three Bites and Multiple Kickings Make up Jack Bauer’s Injury List

Someone, to help promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of the latest series of 24, has added up all of Jack Bauer's most memorable injuries, revealing that he's been shot in the chest five times, punched in the head 19 rimes and been generally roughed up so badly he's required defibrillating twice. Read More >>

The 24 Seasons 1-8 Box Set for Just £30 is Your “Bauer-utiful” Deal of the Day

24 is an utterly preposterous television show and, naturally, that's why people love it. If it was realistic then huge swathes of the show would involve watching reams of paperwork being filled out and Jack Bauer playing Angry Birds on the loo. Read More >>

How the First Episode of the London-Based 24 Panned Out (in GIFs)

To open season nine of everyone's favourite terrorist witch-hunt, 24 and the shouty Mr Bauer took a trip to London in last night's UK premiere. It involved drones, explosions, and serious men in suits saying 'taking care of things' with even more serious facial expressions. We've recapped it in GIF form for your viewing pleasure -- prepare your browsers, steel yourself for spoilers, and click through. Read More >>

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Is Your Don’t-Drop-the-Soap Deal of the Day

There’s only one deal worth seeking out in the cold, harsh world of retail today -- that’s the mighty Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Unless you’ve already been playing it non-stop for the past eleven hours. Read More >>