Halo 4 Gets Leaked Onto BitTorrent a Month Before Release

Halo 4 isn't set to hit store shelves until next month, but that hasn't stopped both the physical game discs from leaking out into the wild, and the ISO hitting BitTorrent for pirates everywhere to get their grubby mitts on nice and early. Read More >>

These Are the Awesome New Guns You’ll Be Blasting People Away With in Halo 4

We've seen some gameplay from Halo 4, and even a making-of documentary that rolled more like an awesome extended trailer. Now, take a gander at the wicked-looking new "Promethean" weapons you'll be blasting the crap out of each other with in the Master Chief's 4th proper outing. Read More >>

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This 10-Minute Halo 4 Documentary Is More Like an Epic Trailer

343 Industries, the studio producing the latest instalment in the Halo franchise, has put together a making-of documentary for Halo 4. But instead of the normal, drab and dreary talking heads that bore you to death, it plays more like a massive, 10-minute Halo 4 trailer, and is well worth a watch. Read More >>

The Master Chief Is Back and Blasting Other Spartans In Halo 4’s New First-Look Trailer

343 Industries has been showing off its envisioning of the Halo franchise, the fourth “proper” instalment, Halo 4. While the story-driven campaign is still a primary focus, apparently the multiplayer has gotten a lot more attention than any other Halo game, and it looks great from the in-game footage. It might even be enough to get me to buy a Xbox 360 again. Read More >>