Google’s New Toy Lets You Teleport Around The World From Your Phone

We love Google's AI experiments, and the latest one is weirdly addictive considering it's just a mashup of things that already existed. Read More >>

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360-Degree Video Puts 4,200 Falling Dominoes All Around You

In the world of competitive dominoes, stacking 4,200 tiny plastic bricks is, surprisingly, not even close to setting any kind of record. But YouTube’s FlippyCat might have created one of the most satisfying domino falls to watch, since the entire structure was stacked around a 360-degree camera, putting you in the centre of all the destruction. Read More >>

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This 360-Degree View of Game of Thrones’ Opening Credits Is Totally Awesome

The opening credits for Game of Thrones is such a fantastic sequence in that it lays out the map of the Seven Kingdoms and does so in a board game-esque fashion. You gain a sense of distance and try and understand each location’s importance but it all happens so fast that you don’t really get to explore. Well, here’s a 360-degree view of the opening credits from HBO. You hit play and you can swirl all around the land. Read More >>

Watch the World’s First VR 360 Degree Surgery Live Today at 1pm

The Royal London hospital is about to break some exciting new ground in the world of VR, by streaming a live operation to anyone with an appropriate headset/app combo under the guise of it being educational. Read More >>

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London Becomes Its Own Adorable Asteroid in This Beautifully Shot Video

Say goodbye to London, because it’s about to become Earth’s second moon. Read More >>

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This 360 Video Puts You Behind the Wheel of a Formula Drift Race Car

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift sucked, but that’s just because it wasn’t shot with 360 degree cameras. This 360 degree video from the top of a Pro Drifter’s car does the art of drifting justice the way the movie never could. Read More >>

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Watch Google’s Interactive 360-Degree Christmas Thriller

There’s little better than a bit of mystery at Christmas, and Google’s fun new interactive thriller has it in spades. Made by the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Animations, you can explore the interactive scene on your Android device (and a less exciting version on iOS or the web). Read More >>

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The Lion King in “VR” is The Most Thrilling and Nostalgic Thing You’ll See Today

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s The Lion King on the stage, you’re already quite aware that it’s a 360-experience in itself. But now you can get even closer to the magic from a centre stage view that’ll have you feeling like it’s the first time again. Read More >>

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Look Through London’s Windows in BT’s Incredible 320 Gigapixel Panorama

Someone's been spending a lot of work time up the top of London's BT Tower with a camera, assembling an astounding 320 gigapixel panoramic image of the capital from 48,000 individual frames and building the world's largest panorama shot. Read More >>

Incoming Xbox Internet Explorer Will Be Kinect Driven—You Know, Like Minority Report

Rumour: the Xbox will get a full version of Internet Explorer. More rumours: it will rely heavily on Kinect controls, for Minority Report style operation, and voice control. More more rumours: no date on launching date yet. [The Verge] Read More >>

Channel 5 Shows “World’s First” 360 Degree TV Broadcast

This tantalising hint of the future shows us a world where there's a proper use for secondary screens when watching TV, by giving users an accompanying 360 degree view of the studio managed by a touchscreen. Read More >>

Sony Planning PS4’s Arrival to Coincide With Next-Gen Xbox

Sony's gaming division is tracking the growing rumours of a new Microsoft console, with the aim being to release its PlayStation4 as near to it as possible -- so there won't be a huge headstart for Microsoft this time around. Read More >>