Snapchat’s Dumb New ‘World Lenses’ Feel Like Magic

Snapchat is about to get way more fucking adorable. The company just launched a major update today introducing its highly anticipated “World Lenses” feature, giving people the ability to drop digital 3D objects into real world scenes. Although the feature is undoubtedly augmented reality (AR), Snapchat curiously does not mention the phrase in its official announcement. Read More >>

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How Pixar Uses Mathematics to Make Characters Look Perfect

It probably won't surprise you that Pixar uses some good old fashioned mathematics in the 3D animation process. What might surprise you is just how much they use maths to ensure that their characters look and move perfectly. And Pixar researcher Tony DeRose is great at explaining just that. Read More >>

Watch Cities Rise Building by Building in These Amazing 3D Animations

It's hard to imagine that the vast skylines of our major cities were once empty space and unused tracts of land. But the rapid urban growth over the last century is nothing short of astounding, especially when condensed down to simple two-minute animations. Read More >>

Projection Installation Shows How Your Living Room Would Look If Swarmed By Giant Spiders

Whether they scare the pants off you or not, to most of us, spiders are still plain old creepy. So imagine how you'd react as you walked past this installation from German designer Friedrich van Schoor. I'm going with full-blown freaking-out Eight Legged Freaks-style. Read More >>

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Building a Giant Lego Millenium Falcon in Less Than 12 Parsecs*

It apparently took Francisco Prieto three years to complete this animation of a monster Lego Millenium Falcon build. Which sounds about right, given how my much time my 10 year old self spent on the most pathetic of improvised Lego vehicles. Read More >>