Razer Gets In Your Face With a 3D Camera

Razer is making an Intel-powered Kinect for PCs. A 3D-sensing depth camera that uses Intel’s RealSense technology. Why would you want that? Well—Intel says it’ll let anyone put their face into a Twitch game streaming video. Read More >>

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This 3D Underwater Camera Rig Records Renewed Life on a Canadian Reef

Unless samples and specimens are brought up from the seafloor or researchers hop aboard a submersible, a significant portion of underwater exploration is done in 2D, but that could soon change thanks to the recent installation of a revolutionary new scientific camera rig. We'll never look at the ocean's depths the same way again. Read More >>

This Is a Room Where It’s Always Raining But You Never Get Wet

Getting caught in the rain is always a drag. You wind up dashing from awning to awning (or tree to tree) trying desperately to keep yourself—and your expensive gadgets—dry. In this art installation it's always raining, but you never have to worry about getting wet. Read More >>