I Love Apple’s 3D Touch, Why Don’t You?

One of the iPhone’s most interesting features might get the axe, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo suggests Apple’s rumoured 6.1-inch iPhone is rumoured to eschew the iPhone’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch feature as a cost-cutting measure as it incorporates a different, more expensive touch sensor into the LCD screen. Look, I get it: 3D Touch isn’t popular, even among the more technical staffers at Gizmodo. But to remove what amounts to a much-needed extra layer of interaction on the 2D touchscreen is ridiculous, and unhelpful for both developers and consumers. In addition, I actually use 3D Touch! Why don’t you? Read More >>

The Next-Gen Cheap iPhone Might be Ditching a Feature You Probably Never Use Anyways

In advance of the next batch of iPhones, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has already shed some light on the three new iPhone models he expects to see this fall. But recently, new details have emerged from Kuo on Chinese website Feng about the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone, and its apparent lack of 3D Touch. Read More >>

These Are the 3D Touch Shortcuts For Your iPhone That Are Actually Useful 

3D Touch might be on of iOS’s most unique and most ignored features. Using sensors in your iPhone it knows exactly how hard you’re pressing and contextually gives you a whole slew of cool options for your particular press. If you’ve just bought yourself a new iPhone 6s or 7 or you’ve forgotten just how useful 3D Touch can be, we’re here to help—these are some of the smartest shortcuts available thanks to Apple’s pressure-sensitive screen tech. Give a firm 3D Touch press on your iPhone’s screen and all these options are open to you. Read More >>

Android N to Feature 3D Touch Rip-Off

Google’s latest Android N beta has revealed that the operating system will feature support for ‘launcher shortcuts’, which sound suspiciously similar to a little something called 3D Touch. Devs will be able to "define shortcuts which users can expose in the launcher to help them perform actions quicker,” which is a long-winded way of saying you’ll be able to dive into app menus directly from your home screen. Like you can on the iPhone 6S. Read More >>

(Another) iPhone Security Glitch: How to Protect Yourself From Siri

I assure you that you’re not reading an old article. There’s yet another iPhone vulnerability in town, with Siri and 3D Touch at the heart of it. It allows anybody to access your photos and contacts with worrying ease, even with your handset locked. Read More >>

Everything We Think We Know About the Four-Inch Apple iPhone SE

“I like the new iPhone, but it’s just too big!” is something I’ve heard regularly since Apple bumped up its iPhone’s screen size from 4 inches to 4.7 inches in 2014. And as time passed on, iPhone 5s has unexpectedly become the last great, truly small smartphone. Read More >>

What to Expect at Apple’s March 21st Event

The invites for Apple’s big March 21st event finally went out today, and we already have a good idea of what to expect. According to the rumour mill, there are two new products that will be revealed: a 4-inch iPhone SE and an 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Read More >>

Apple’s Being Sued Over Force Touch and 3D Touch

Apple’s latest whizzy user interface technology is found in Force Touch and 3D Touch, both of which use haptic feedback to make touchpads and screens come to life. But it might not have been so new after all, because now Apple’s being sued for allegedly infringing three patents over the tech. Read More >>

Is Bosch’s New Foot-Vibrating Car Pedal the Future of Driving?

Seemingly taking inspiration from the iPhone 6S’ 3D Touch display, Bosch has unveiled a new 'Active' accelerator pedal that’s designed to both save you money and keep you from crashing. However, if you have supremely-ticklish feet, it could be one to avoid. Read More >>

How to (Sort of) Get Apple’s 3D Touch on Android

Apple’s neat 3D Touch tricks rely on a touchscreen containing integrated pressure sensors that determine between a ‘peek’ and a ‘pop’. But give a cunning Android hacker a waterproof phone and a barometer, and you can get a similar sort of effect. Read More >>

The 10 Best Things to Do With 3D Touch – and the Things We Wish it Did

Hands-down, one of the coolest features of the new iPhone 6s and 6s plus is 3D Touch, the subtle mechanism that lets you quickly access common tasks quickly through varying degrees of finger force. Here are our 10 favourite shortcuts so far. Read More >>

What is 3D Touch, the Big New iPhone 6S Feature?

The iPhone 6S has just been announced as was foretold, with one of the big new hardware and software combo features being the addition of 3D Touch to this year's iPhone upgrade. So what is it and do you need special glasses to make it work? Read More >>

iPhone 6S: Specs, 3D Touch and Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New iPhone

iPhone 6S. It's real, as if you were ever in any doubt, with Apple revealing its all new iPhone at its "Hey Siri" event. So, were the rumours about Apple's new iPhone true? Yep, mostly. 3D Touch, a 64-bit A9 chip that's 70 per cent faster than the A8 and packed full of new iOS tweaks, it's a solid (if iterative) evolution of last year's iPhone 6. Read More >>

This is Microsoft’s Cancelled McLaren “3D Touch” Windows Phone

Video has emerged of a prototype Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone model, one codenamed "McLaren" that was supposed to be a high-end model to replace the Lumia 1020 and offer a new 3D Touch interface option. It never came out, obviously, else we'd remember not buying it. Read More >>