Sky Has Pretty Much Just Killed 3D TV in the UK

Well, this comes as little surprise really, doesn't it? 3D TV has been on life support for a good few years now, and Sky's finally come to terms with that. It's pulling the plug on its dedicated 3D channel, five years after its debut. Read More >>

The BBC Is Giving Up on 3D

It looks like the incoming Dr Who anniversary special in November will be the last BBC show in 3D. Aunty's suspending 3D programming for at least three years because the British public seemingly just doesn't care about 3D. What a surprise. Read More >>

A 3D TV With Four 3D Glasses For Just £200 is Your Avatar-Screening-Party-in-a-Box Deal of the Day

Remember when 3D television sets first hit the shops? They all cost about ten gasquilion quids and the glasses cost as much again and you had to get a permit from the council because of the carbon monoxide that they gave off and you could only switch them on for three hours a day? About two years ago wasn't it? Read More >>

Panasonic’s Glasses Free 103-Inch 3D TV Is Disappointingly Rubbish

When it comes to glasses-free 3D TVs, we've had the bar set really quite high by the amazing Lumabox, and to be honest, Panasonic's latest offering is just pants compared to it. Read More >>

The Best Looking 3D Glasses Are From a Company You’ve Never Heard Of

If you're lucky enough to get a pair of 3D glasses with your fancy new 3D TV, chances are good that they're hideous. So this year, I decided to scour CES for 3D specs that weren't embarrassingly awful. And I found them, in a place I never would have expected. Read More >>