Vodafone Plans to Get Rid of 3G Over the Next Couple of Years

Vodafone is shutting down 3G to bolster its 5G networks but says that 2G is here to stay for now. Read More >>

Unsurprisingly EE’s Still Dominating the UK’s 4G Service

OpenSignal spends a lot of time focussing on the UK's mobile signals, specifically how coverage affects regular people using their phones. Speed, availability, that sort of thing. With all that work comes analysis, which inevitably gets published throughout the year. Now is one such point, with the latest report on the state of the UK's 4G and 3G networks. Read More >>

Teacher Abandons School 4G Network Block Idea

A headteacher at a school in North Yorkshire did a bit of reading up and thought she'd found a great way of ending social media bullying and the endless distraction of mobile phones on school time -- blocking the 4G network. Read More >>

This Ofcom Tool Can Help You Complain About Your Broadband Speeds

In an unusual move, Ofcom has decided to launch an interactive tool that doesn’t specialise in comparing pictures of modern London with good-old-days, black-and-white, shit-in-the-streets London. Instead, the map lets you check broadband speeds and mobile reception levels in specific areas across the UK. Read More >>

Three UK is Suffering Internet Outages Today

People using other methods to moan online are moaning online that their mobile data connections provided by Three are currently broken, with internet connections failing and those on 4G SIMs getting shamefully bumped down to 3G. Oh, the humanity. Read More >>

GiffGaff Adds 4G as Standard to Next-gen PAYG Goodybags

Everyone's favourite SIM seller is having another rejig of its bundle options to ensure they best fit in with the mobile network dataspace of 2015 and beyond, revealing that from September all of its data-enabled SIMs will let users connect to 4G networks should they live in or occasionally pass through such powerful electrosmog zones. Read More >>

North Korea Has Turned Off 3G Networks for Foreign Visitors

Visitors to North Korea now have another unusual observation to add to their list: complete cut-off from receiving 3G mobile data. Read More >>

Vodafone Preparing 3G for Notspots in Cornwall, Cumbria and the Outer Hebrides

Vodafone's revealed a shortlist of 40 new locations that are set to benefit from its Rural Open Sure Signal scheme, a plan to bring 3G connectivity to a total of over 100 places that current mobile masts can't reach. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Putting £5bn Into Attacking UK’s Signal Blackspots

The government has binned its plan to force the networks to allow roaming within the UK, instead convincing EE, O2, Three and Vodafone to put a combined £5bn pot of cash toward beefing up their current infrastructure. Read More >>

Vodafone is Boosting 3G Signal to Reduce Signal Black Spots

While the government is currently in the middle of a consultation to try and sort out a system where people in the UK can get access to reliable phone signal, Vodafone has announced that it's expanding its own 3G network to try and accomplish just that. Read More >>

This Tiny 3G Chip Will Pump the Internet Into Anything

It might not look much, but this is the world's smallest 3G chip—and it could help bring internet connectivity to even the tiniest of devices. Read More >>

FCC Papers Show LG May be Building a Smartwatch With 3G

Newly-surfaced papers at the US FCC seem to indicate that LG's upcoming smartwatch will boast a 3G cellular connection. Soon you could be wearing your LG phone on your wrist! Read More >>

The World’s Tiniest 3G Modem is Barely Bigger Than a Penny

One factor limiting the integration of your home's appliances into the so-called Internet of Things is the size and ruggedness of the device's modem. But with this miniscule new modem from Intel, anything bigger than a penny will be granted cellular connectivity. Read More >>

Mobile Signal the Top Factor in Young People’s House-Buying Decisions

The strength of mobile phone signal is becoming a key deciding factor when it comes to buying a house, as potential buyers spend their entire viewings assessing each corner of the house's connection qualities. Read More >>

Poor Mobile Coverage on UK Motorways Will Hinder a Driverless Revolution

It's frustrating not being able to stream a YouTube clip or access a webpage in a traffic jam because of patchy mobile data coverage. But for the many proposed driverless car systems which rely on a constant stream of data to stay aware of other vehicles on the road, it's vital. And, currently, the UK's on-the-road data coverage just isn't up to scratch to support that driverless future. Read More >>