Firefox Experiments With Archived Web Pages to Replace Crappy 404 Errors

Users of the new feature-testing version of Mozilla's Firefox are now being treated to an extra bit of help when trying to track down incriminating things that have been deleted from the web -- links to automatically trawled copies of broken pages from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Read More >>

Lib Dems Remind Everyone They Still Exist With Smart 404 Page

This might be slightly funny if you're the sort of person who's been paying attention to the news and is really into politics. [Lib Dems] Read More >>

Forget 404 Errors: HTTP Now Has a Code for Censorship

HTTP status codes don't usually aid political dissidents, nor are they particularly exciting. But the newly made 451 code, to be used when something is taken down for legal reasons, is a timely exception. Read More >>

Only Smart People Will Understand the Financial Times’ Amazing New 404 Page

The Financial Times is the hands-down paper of choice for anyone trying to seem clever in a job interview. So it makes sense that to understand its fantastic new 404 error page, you need a highbrow sense of humour and a solid grounding in economic theory. Read More >>

33 Brilliantly Designed 404 Error Pages

Clicking on a broken link is a pain, but a witty and well-designed error page at least sweetens the pill. Here are the most original and imaginative designs to inspire you. Read More >>

This Space Invaders 404 Page Is the Funnest 404 Error Page Ever

Few things are worse on the Internet than reaching a 404 error page. It's soul sucking, cable checking, life wondering, browser refreshing, absence inducing, mortality questioning bad. But it doesn't always have to be! Some 404 Page Not Found Errors are hilarious. A few are entertaining. This one has to be the most fun. Read More >>

This Is Probably the Greatest 404 Page Not Found Error of All Time

Leave it to the greatest rock band of all time—Bob Dylan dixit—to have the greatest 404 Page not found error page of all time. Yes, better than all these or this one. Read More >>

The Most Exuberant 404 Error Ever

You will never be happier to see a 404 error than if you land on this one from a Russian construction company whose web engineers clearly have a sense of humour. The stick figure dancing is delightful, and the dude bobbing his head along is the icing on the cake. Read More >>

The Internet’s Best 404 Error Pages

The internet isn't just a bunch of cables, wires, modems, computers, silicon, protocols, h-tee-tee-pees and h-tee-em-els. There are people behind it! People with personality. People who like to laugh. People who put up hilarious 404 error pages so whenever something goes wrong on the Internet, people will remember that they exist! Read More >>