EE Fined for Spamming its Own Subscribers

Mobile operator EE has been fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office, for committing the crime of being overly chummy with its subscribers to the tune of 2.5m unsolicited text messages. Read More >>

Virgin Media Wants a Pat on the Back for Offering Customers Options When Their Broadband Is Out

Virgin Media has rolled out a new service promise which means it will graciously do what it is you're paying it for, by making sure you stay connected to the internet in the event of broadband issues. Read More >>

Huawei Pledges to Sign a “No Spy” Agreement With the Government

Huawei's chairman has come over to the UK to do a bit of metaphorical firefighting in the wireless infrastructure world, and has come up with an amazing plan to stop Western administrations worrying that the tech firm may hand the Chinese government access to our communications: promising it won't, via an innovative "no-spy" pledge. Read More >>

4G Emergency Services Network Now £3bn Over Budget With No End in Sight

The long-winded process of switching our emergency services over to a new 4G communications system is unlikely to finish any time soon, with a government watchdog saying the EE-led network is unlikely to even hit its current switchover date of the distant future year of 2022. And December of 2022 at that. Read More >>

36 Undiscovered Flaws in 4G LTE Revealed by a New Security Tool

While carriers continue working on building out 5G infrastructure before networks officially go live later this year, a team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have been looking for flaws in existing 4G LTE wireless networks. And by using a tool dubbed the “LTEFuzz,” the team managed to find more than 50 different vulnerabilities, 36 of which were previously undocumented. Read More >>

Vodafone Dressed a Drone Up Like Santa’s Sleigh for the UK’s First 4G Drone Delivery

For all the talk there's been about using drones to deliver things to people, there's been a distinct lack of progress making it happen. In fact the UK has only just managed to complete a single drone delivery using 4G, which shows how far things are from Jeff Bezos's dream of flying courier-free Amazon fulfilment. But even baby steps are progress, right? Read More >>

O2 Says its Data Network is Working Again and it May Bung Users Some Free Data as an Apology

O2 has said that its UK 4G network is up and running again after yesterday's universal collapse, so our little glimpse into the horrifying blackouts of the future and the crash of all mobile services is over. No one died, did they? We can find where to go without Google Maps, can't we? Read More >>

You Can Finally Preorder the 4G Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch has been available on these shores for about a month now, but the version with its own 4G connection has ironically been taking a little longer to load. Read More >>

EE is Converting 3G Airwaves to 4G For Better Connections

Today, mobile network EE has announced that it will be converting its 3G airwaves into a 4G signal that will allow for higher mobile internet speeds and better reliability for its users. Read More >>

Amid Massive Court Battle, Qualcomm Says Apple Won’t Be Using Its Modems in the Next iPhone

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm confirmed in a conference call on Wednesday that it does not believe Apple, with whom it has been locked in a vicious, escalating court battle over royalties and patents since 2017, will use its modems in its next generation of iPhones. Read More >>

Unsurprisingly EE’s Still Dominating the UK’s 4G Service

OpenSignal spends a lot of time focussing on the UK's mobile signals, specifically how coverage affects regular people using their phones. Speed, availability, that sort of thing. With all that work comes analysis, which inevitably gets published throughout the year. Now is one such point, with the latest report on the state of the UK's 4G and 3G networks. Read More >>

The Moon’s Getting a 4G Mobile Network Next Year

There are a lot of places in the UK that don't yet have a reliable 4G mobile signal. Hell, I live not far from a major city and yet in my local suburb  I struggle to get more than one bar on my phone. That doesn't matter, though. Forget about us Earthlings, because Vodafone and Nokia are teaming up to set up a 4G mobile network on the Moon. Yes, on the Moon. Read More >>

EE 4G Data Services Are Down, Reportedly [Update: Now Fixed]

Uh-oh - it looks like engineers at EE could be in for an annoying day as reports are coming in via social media that EE's 4G network appears to not be working in some parts of the country. Read More >>

Gove Tries to Befriend Farmers by Promising Brexit Money for Rural 4G

Environment secretary Michael Gove has had another idea about where all that money we soon won't/might not have to pay the EU could be used -- better rural 4G and broadband. That's what he told a meeting of the National Farmers Union anyway. Maybe he just wanted to get out of the countryside alive. Read More >>

EE Wants Your Home Broadband to be 4G and Will Screw a Thing to the Wall to Help

EE has rolled out its 4G Home Broadband product across the whole country after (what it says was) a successful trial in rural Cumbria, promising maximum speeds of (up to**) 76Mbps for everyone -- and you can even have an external antenna fitted now if your internal 4G signal isn't quite strong enough. Read More >>