What Do You Think of the New Plastic £5 Note?

As we bizarrely make the move towards paper for train tickets, the era of plastic money is about to begin. The Bank of England today revealed its first ever plastic banknote, which will go into circulation in September. Read More >>

That 5-Inch HTC Phone Is a 1080p Monster, But Only for Japan

HTC has just confirmed the existence of its long-rumoured 5" Android model, in the big block format of the HTC Butterfly J. It leaps straight to the top of the pixel density charts with a huge 440ppi count. Read More >>

HTC’s 5″ Giant Could be This Year’s Biggest Google Nexus Phone

HTC is rumoured to be planning a move into supersized smartphone territory, with the Taiwanese giant said to be preparing a 5" model that might be this year's new Nexus-branded Android flagship. Read More >>

First Video of an iPhone 5 Booting Up

At this stage of the proceedings, Foxconn must be churning a billion iPhone 5 units per second, getting ready for September 12. Nor surprisingly, it seems someone managed to smuggle one out of a factory in Jincheng, China. Not just parts, but an entire unit. Read More >>

What’s That Mysterious Metal Square On the Top of the iPhone 5?

According to rumourmongers, this allegedly leaked iPhone part supposedly shows a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna that would work with iOS 6's passbook to turn your iPhone into a digital wallet. But is it really? Read More >>