50 Cent No Longer Bragging About a Bitcoin Fortune Now That the US Government Is Interested

It’s been a month since 50 Cent was part of the best feel-good story of the cryptocurrency boom. Following reports that the hip-hop star had earned about $7.8 million (£5.5 million) worth of bitcoin from sales of an otherwise forgotten album, he seemed to confirm the news on Instagram. But when pressed in bankruptcy court, Fiddy acknowledged that wasn’t the case. Read More >>

50 Cent Forgets He Accepted Bitcoins for Album, Finds £5.5 Million Pile of Bitcoins

50 Cent has a way of pulling money out of thin air by making prescient early investments. Though he hasn’t been doing so great lately, he’s still got some tricks up his sleeve. It turns out he accepted Bitcoin payments for his 2014 album Animal Ambition and never cashed them out. Suddenly, he’s richer than he realised. Read More >>

50 Cent Basically Wants to Make a Second Luke Cage TV Show

Rapper turned TV producer Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 Cent, has got a new superhero TV show coming to Starz. It’s called Tomorrow, Today and it stars a hero that sounds almost exactly like Luke Cage, but is definitely not Luke Cage, since Netflix is premiering an actual Luke Cage TV series in just a couple of months. Read More >>

Why 50 Cent’s SMS Audio is Building Intel-Powered Biometric Headphones

50 Cent's SMS Audio has announced major deal that will help keep it from getting left behind by the newly forged Apple-Beats powerhouse. The announcement is around a new set of headphones based on Intel's health monitoring technology. SMS is no Beats By Dre, so why would is Intel interested? Because headphones — and not watches or health bandscould be the most important wearable tech in the world. Read More >>

50 Cent Would Like to Talk To You About His Headphones

I became aware of 50 Cent's favourite Instagram hashtag before the headphones they're promoting. A snapshot of a statue orgy? #SMSAudio. A picture of Claire Huxtable? #SMSAudio. Everything #SMSAudio, all of the time. Curtis Jackson knows a thing or two about social engagement. Read More >>

Gizmodo’s Afternoon with 50 Cent

Dr. Dre decided to endorse expensive headphones. Despite not being that great, they're becoming sidewalk ubiquitous. Ergo, 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson, aka known purveyor of rap and B-movies and Vitamin Water), isn't going to be left out. We chatted with Curtis about his new cans, Twitter, and women. Read More >>

50 Cent Now the Latest Rapper with Rapper Headphones

If you won't listen to headphones unblessed by a rapper's licensing deal — and neither Dre nor Ludacris are good enough for you — look to 50 Cent. The former rapper turned Vitamin Water kingpin's newest headphone is here. Read More >>

50 Cent Will Make Dr. Dre Proud with These Headphones

It's been ages since I've mentioned Dre and 50 Cent in the same breath, but 50's new SYNC headphones remind me that he was once one of his proteges. These cans are pretty much his answer to the Beats by Dre headphones. Read More >>