EE Threatens Ofcom With the Lawyers Over Spectrum Auction

BT's EE mobile division is about to send a scary letter to Ofcom, threatening it with court action over a ruling that future mobile spectrum sales should be capped for some networks. Read More >>

uVue Just Successfully Tested the First 5G-Controlled Drone

5G is being lauded as a miracle tech at the moment, promising a great many things like superior mobile broadband and massive improvements to IoT tech. Add one more thing to the list, because uVue has now successfully carried out drone flights remotely controlled via a 5G connection. Read More >>

Ofcom Tries to Limit EE and Vodafone’s 4G/5G Aspirations

Modern-day god of the sky Ofcom has released the rules that will cover the next batch of mobile frequency auctions, and it's sort of good and sort of bad depending on which of the mobile networks you wear the scarf of. Read More >>

UK 5G Tech Trials are Starting in Early 2018

A group of three UK universities says it'll have enough hardware cobbled together in order to run a small test of a potential 5G network tech in early 2018, with King's College London and Surrey and Bristol Universities hoping to demonstrate the data transmission protocols of the future rather soon. Read More >>

ESA Suggests 5G Delivered By Satellite Would Be Excellent

The European Space Agency is trying to drum up a bit of support for delivering 5G services via satellite. This is a departure from the current system of of huge masts dotted everywhere, although it's quite unlikely that satellites will totally replace these. Read More >>

Samsung is Trialling 5G in the UK This Year

The UK's first 5G trials, with a focus on fixed wireless access, are set to begin during the second half of this year, thanks to a partnership between Samsung and telecommunications company Arqiva. Read More >>

New NIC Report Tears Into UK’s 4G Coverage, Gushes Over 5G

A new report from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has slammed the state of the UK’s 4G coverage, sticking our nation in 54th place in a grand table of the world’s 4G-iest countries. Read More >>

Three Network Wants You to Moan to Ofcom About Spectrum Wins

A group of UK mobile and broadband networks is asking their customers to pressurise Ofcom into making the mobile data spectrum allocations fairer (for them), suggesting that future spectrum caps should be limited to just 30 per cent per operator of available spectrum within each chunk that's sold off. Read More >>

Ordnance Survey Called in to Map UK Towns for 5G

Our Ordnance Survey mappers have been chosen to lead a team feeding data to future 5G networks, with the hope being that ultra-detailed maps of towns will give planners and mobile providers a better idea of where to place their masts so we can all have 5G, all of the time. Read More >>

Don’t Forget a Massive Data SIM Alongside Your Self-driving Car

So here's a bit of a problem with the Internet of Everything and the cars of the future that will drive us about while we hunt for Pokemon and enjoy 4K films on our mobile phones from the back seat -- how are our cars going to chit-chat with the servers all day? They'll need a connection, of course, and may consume as much mobile internet at 3,000 people do each day. Read More >>

Facebook Is Building Its Own Antennae So That More People Can Use Facebook

Yesterday, Zuckerberg waxed poetic about the future of global connectivity, and now day two of Facebook’s F8 developer conference is giving us more details. Two terrestrial based programmes—no nifty drones needed—hope to technically leapfrog fibre with throughput speeds maxing out at a blazing 2.1Gbps. Read More >>

What is 5G and How Will it Make My Life Better?

Everybody loves speedy internet, so it’s no surprise that every major telecom in the world is working to make it even faster. Smartphones, watches, homes, and cars are increasingly requiring stable internet connections. In order to pipe in enough bandwidth for that precious wireless feed, we’re going to need an entirely new form of wireless signal — that’s where 5G comes in. Read More >>

5G Networks Being Tested in the US

The fifth generation of mobile networks — or 5G — is still a little way off providing your phone with data. But at Mobile World Congress, US telecoms provider Verizon has announced that it at least already testing the technology. Read More >>

5G Basestations Look Suitably Halo/Destiny/Titanfall Futuristic

This futuristic little pod thing is an Ultra Node -- an early attempt at mocking up a 5G basestation courtesy of the design labs at Huawei. You certainly wouldn't complain were one of these to attach itself to your chimney overnight, as it'd make your house look like it was receiving signals from the alien mothership -- so it might therefore be a bit too risky to steal anything out of the shed. [Techradar] Read More >>

Huawei Will Hold 5G Trials at the 2018 Russian World Cup

Slowly but surely, the 5G mobile data revolution is climbing up out of the primordial soup of technological innovation and towards becoming an actual, usable standard. It's Huawei leading the charge -- after announcing it'd be investing in the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre, it's now revealed that it plans to hold 5G trials during the 2018 Russia World Cup too. Read More >>