O2’s 5G Network Has Gone Live, and it Won’t Cost More Than 4G

2019 is the year of the 5G launch, and so far O2 has been the only major network not to reveal the plan for its own 5G rollout - barring a few teases here and there. But, surprise! O2's 5G goes live today, and what's more it won't be charging people extra for the privilege. Read More >>

Huawei Reports Healthy Sales Growth Despite US Export Ban

Huawei is reporting healthy sales growth, despite US bans against the Chinese-based tech giant, according to a company statement released today. Huawei saw revenue increase 24.4 per cent for the last three quarters of the fiscal year, a financial success that is sure to frustrate the US government. Read More >>

OnePlus Points to Lack of 5G Infrastructure for the Absence of a 7T-Series 5G Phone

The newly announced OnePlus 7T series doesn't have a 5G edition and CEO Pete Lau explains why. Read More >>

BT Launches 5G Services in the UK

This morning BT Mobile became the fourth mobile provider to launch 5G services in the UK, rolling it out to the usual suspects, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Manchester, as well as 14 other cities and large towns, including Coventry, Leicester and Bristol. Read More >>

Google Reportedly Planning 5G Pixel Phone

Google's been leaking like a colander ahead of the unveiling of its Pixel 4 smartphone, with dozens of photosthe price and specs all out there before the official announcement on 15th October, but this latest rumour proves there's still scope for more. Read More >>

BT’s 5G Services are Launching on Friday

The four big networks have already announced their plans for the 5G rollout, and now it's time to hear about what the other, less popular MVNOs have to offer and today is BT's turn. Because even though BT owns EE, it still has a separate network that needs its own 5G rollout. Read More >>

Vodafone UK Trials Cheaper, Open Source Mast Tech

This fairly complicated bit of hardcore comms technology news from Vodafone seems quite important, if we understand it right, as it promises to lower the cost of mobile mast installations and therefore opens a door to more masts and hopefully a resulting increase in coverage, perhaps even ending the blackspot hell where you live. Read More >>

EE Expands Its 5G Service Throughout London and a Handful of Key Locations Across the UK

EE customers waiting for 5G to hit their vicinity are in luck with the network's coverage expanding over the next few weeks. If you're not in the list of locations, then we're not talking about you. Read More >>

Anti-5G Protesters Suspected of Torching Their Local Phone Mast

The local MP for the Welsh constituency of Rhondda has blamed anti-connectivity protesters for taking out one of his region's phone masts, with the EE/BT tower serving Porth destroyed by an arson attack at the end of September. Read More >>

Government Finds £5bn to Back 100 Per Cent Gigabit Connectivity

Let's pretend we're in a fantasy world where what the government says might happen stands a chance of actually happening, because this is a potentially good one; it's made a pledge to bring better connectivity to the nation and backed it with £5bn of apparently new money. Read More >>

Sky Mobile Adds the Samsung A90 5G to Its 5G Lineup Ahead of the November Launch

Sky Mobile has announced its extended launch lineup of 5G handsets. Read More >>

O2 Does Its Part for the NHS With a Smart Ambulance Trial Using 5G

O2 is running at trial this month to kit out ambulances with 5G and "state-of-the-art" devices to turn them into remote consultation rooms. Read More >>

Huawei Considering Licensing All of Its 5G Patents in Effort to Avoid Ban in the West

With a ban that will effectively prevent Huawei from doing business with U.S. companies set to go into effect in November, it seems Huawei has come up with an idea that could potentially allow it to maintain a foothold in western markets: a one-time licensing deal that would give a buyer unlimited access to Huawei’s current 5G patents and tech. Read More >>

O2 Finally Joins the Rest of Us Here in 2019 With the Announcement of Unlimited Data Plans

O2 is joining the ranks of network operators offering unlimited data plans on selected handsets and SIM-only contracts. Read More >>

Gatwick Airport Gets Vodafone 5G as Part of 5-Year Plan to Be the UK’s Leading Smart Airport

Gatwick airport's South Terminal is getting 5G coverage thanks to Vodafone, and it's not just the passengers who'll benefit. Read More >>