Choice Finally Comes to 5G Laptops as Mediatek Start Making Modems

Late last year, Intel sold off its smartphone modem business to Apple for around $1 billion (£766 million), but that still left Intel with the problem of figuring out how to add 5G connectivity to its laptop and PC business. So in an effort to support next-gen connectivity, Intel has teamed up with MediaTek to bring 5G to a wider range of laptops using MediaTek’s new T700 5G modem. Read More >>

Ofcom Refuses Networks’ Pleas for 5G Allocation, Will Hold Auction as Planned

UK phone networks have asked Ofcom not to hold its planned auction for more 5G spectrum, and to allow them to buy spectrum for a set price without a messy bidding war. Read More >>

Samsung Just Announced the Galaxy Z Flip 5G Early, for Some Reason

Even though all rumours and leaks pointed towards Samsung announcing the 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip at Unpacked next month (which would have made a lot of sense), Samsung's gone and launched it today. I guess it's because there's already so much going on at Unpacked that there wasn't time for such a small announcement to be included. Read More >>

MP Says We’re a Big Boy Country and Made Our Own Decision on Huawei

The MP in question is Dominic Raab, and I thought I'd do you a favour by not having to see his name at headline font size. Raab was speaking at a reception with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, where the Trump man praised the UK for standing up to Chinese "bullying." Read More >>

Vodafone Says Huawei Decision Should Halt 5G Auction System

Vodafone thinks the rupture caused by Hauwei's forced exit from the network world is a good enough reason for the government to cancel future 5G spectrum auctions, as the poor mobile networks shouldn't have to stand the upfront cost of buying airspace when they've now been handed a bill to chuck piles of unwanted Chinese infrastructure. Read More >>

The Government Has Decided All Huawei’s 5G Kit is Banned From UK Telcom Infrastructure

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Huawei, it seems. Not only have they been banned from working with any US companies, locked out of Google Play, and generally shunned around the Western world, the government has decided all Huawei 5G kit is to be banned from the UK's telecommunications infrastructure. And all existing 5G kit will be removed. Read More >>

Samsung Steps Up to Offer 5G Kit in Place of Huawei

The endless slap fight between the government and Huawei is somehow still going, so Samsung is trying to slide into the UK's DMs to provide 5G equipment in its place. Read More >>

Huawei Wants a Meeting with Boris Johnson

Huawei has requested a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson to discuss the whole 5G situation and try to work something out. Read More >>

Security Concerns Fast Track UK’s 5G Ban on Huawei: Report

Based on a security reassessment, PM Boris Johnson now has “sound technical reasons” to begin phasing out Huawei technology from UK’s 5G networks, a former head of MI6 said on Sunday per a Financial Times report. Read More >>

Government Flip-Flops on Huawei Again

After a back-and-forth tenser than a tie-breaking rally at Wimbledon, it seems the government has changed its mind about Huawei once more. Read More >>

Vodafone’s Having a Flash Sale on 5G

Vodafone has announced it's having a four-day flash sale on 5G devices. We thought a five-day sale would have made more sense, but then we don't work in marketing. Read More >>

Twitter: Sorry for Putting Covid-19 Misinformation Labels on Your ‘Oxygen’ Tweets

It’s not always easy to do the right thing in tech, and it can lead to some embarrassing (and funny) mistakes. Just ask Twitter. Read More >>

NCSC Tells Vodafone and BT to Hoard Huawei in Case of Sanctions Shortages

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned UK BT and Vodafone to stock up on Huawei kit because US sanctions might cause shortages. Read More >>

Lenovo’s 14-inch Yoga 5G Is the World’s First 5G Laptop

Back at CES 2020, Lenovo promised it was going to make the world’s first 5G laptop. And now, just six months later, it appears Lenovo is ready to deliver on that promise with the new Yoga 5G. Read More >>

Vodafone Says We’ll Lose 5G Leadership Status if Huawei’s Booted Out

Vodafone would rather we didn't force its engineers to unplug things that say HUAWEI on them from its many masts and network installations, as it believes that doing so would shuffle the UK a few rungs down the 5G innovation and leadership ladder. Read More >>