BA Brings Back BOAC

The arrival of flight BA100 from Dublin to Heathrow marked quite a moment in history for aeroplane enthusiasts today, as the plane landed decked out in a classic retro BOAC paint job designed to mark the centenary celebrations of the national airline created from many forerunner air transport companies. Read More >>

Step Inside the Restoration of the Original Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 is an iconic aircraft that singlehandedly pushed the airline industry into the jumbo jet age. Sitting derelict at the Museum of Flight for 14 years, the very first of its kind is currently undergoing a rigorous restoration process to restore its former glory. Read More >>

These Guys Got Inside the Fuel Tank Labyrinth of a 747 Jumbo Plane

A Boeing 747 can carry 48,445 gallons (183,380 liters) of fuel in a labyrinth of tanks so large that people can actually walk and crawl inside them. Can't believe it? Just watch. Read More >>

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Crazy Video of 747 Jumbo Lifting Without Engines In the Middle of a Storm

This is crazy: watch this 747 trying to take off on its own in the middle of a airplane boneyard in the Mojave desert, California. It happened last week, May 23, when a low pressure zone brought 70mph winds to the area. Read More >>

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The Best Shots of the Space Shuttle’s Amazing Goodbye Flight You’ll See

The Space Shuttle Discovery just made its last flight ever atop a 747, where it'll be laid to rest at the Smithsonian for the public to appreciate. We won't see something like this again for a long, long time. Read More >>