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This Man’s A Cappella Rendition of the THX Logo Theme Will Take You Back to a Long Time Ago…

Before the InceptionBwomp,” the THX “Deep Note” was the most recognisable and inscrutable sound in cinema. For its 35th anniversary, THX released the official sheet music for that warm wall of sound—so now it’s time for the internet to take a crack at recreating it. Everyone is going to have a hard time doing a better job than this dude and his vocal chords. Read More >>

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This Tetris Theme a Cappella Is the Best One Yet

I'll admit, I'm a massive fan of Smooth McGroove. From Sonic's Green Hill Zone, to Street Fighter 2's Ken's theme, his a cappella covers of video game music are truly hypnotic. There have been some good ones, but the Tetris "A" theme is arguably the best yet. Simply brilliant. Read More >>