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Mark Hamill Tells Us What Blue Milk Really Tastes Like

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has a lot of familiar Star Wars foodstuffs, drinks, and treats. And, of course, there’s blue milk, Luke Skywalker’s favourite (?) drink. Read More >>

star wars
Thanks to This Cover, the Cantina Theme From Star Wars is Going to Be Stuck in My Head All Day

Back in the day, before all the Nazis and creepy algorithmically generated children’s shows, YouTube was great for two things: old Saturday Night Live clips, and song covers. It’s honestly still pretty great for the latter. Read More >>

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Yes, You Will Love This Hilarious Star Wars Video

They’re two of the first words we ever learn. We use them every day and, in many cases, probably don’t even think about it. They can be used to agree to life-changing events or get out of horrible situations. They can also be used to hilarious effect when edited and counted in all 10 Star Wars movies. Read More >>

Here’s How Rogue One Got Its Hands on Unseen Star Wars Footage

Rogue One might be the first standalone film in the Star Wars universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s detached from the original saga. In fact, director Gareth Edwards went to great lengths to ensure continuity between Rogue One and A New Hope, including adding previously unseen Star Wars footage to push one scene even further into the canon. Read More >>

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Watch Star Wars: A New Hope by Simply Scrolling Through a Website

You probably can’t get away with watching films at your desk all day at work. But since most websites are still totally acceptable, warm up your scrolling finger, and go to town on this incredible fan tribute that sees the entire original Star Wars: A New Hope turned into one long scrollable schematic. Read More >>

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A Brief Visual History of People Waiting in Line for Star Wars

Have you been waiting in line for days to see the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens? Of course you haven’t. You bought your tickets online like a normal person. But there once was a time when buying tickets online wasn’t even possible. Below we have pictures of those poor chumps from the Olden Times who had to buy tickets after waiting in line — sometimes for weeks. Read More >>

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Watch Star Wars: Episode IV Distilled Down to 60 Awesomely Animated Seconds

Want to watch A New Hope today? Want to watch it every day? Just can't find the time? This awesome, animated, 60-second speedrun should help. From the folks who brought you high-speed versions of Back to the Future and The Matrix, this redux is waaaaay better than that special edition stuff. What's your guess for Episode VII; better or worse than this? [1A4STUDIO] Read More >>