Samsung Galaxy A7: A Thin, Sleek Octo-Core Android

Samsung has announced the latest in its A series of phones: the A7. This one might be worth taking seriously. One of Sammy's slimmest ever, it's sleek metallic body houses an eight-core slab of silicon. Read More >>

Sony A7r and A7 First Impressions: Full Frame Power, Palm-Sized Camera

A few weeks ago, Sony wowed photography nerds with something actually new: Two mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras with full frame image sensors, the same big chips used in professional DSLRs. The compact design is a marvel on its own, and after using the cameras for a few days, I can safely say that, yes, these might be the most exciting shooters we've seen all year. Read More >>

Sony A7 and A7r: Mirrorless Cameras Have (Finally!) Gone Full-Frame

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras have come a long way in only a few years. And after gradually layering on new features and capability, they've finally reached an apex in Sony's new A7 and A7r models, both of which sport that big and beautiful bastion of image quality, the full-frame sensor. Read More >>

Report: These Are Sony’s New 24- and 36-Megapixel Alpha Cameras

DigitalCameraInfo has reportedly gotten hold of the specs and images of two of Sony's new Alpha digital cameras, the A7 and the A7R. We don't know how they shoot yet, but they sure look nice. Read More >>

iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon

We've already seen inside the iPhone 5S and found out that its guts are blisteringly fast—but now iFixit has taken a very close look indeed at the A7 silicon that powers the new phone. Read More >>

iPhone A7 Chip Benchmarks: Forget the Specs, It Blows Everything Away

We just ran benchmarks on Apple's new iPhone 5S, revealing that, yup, this is the dopest smartphone silicon ever made. This thing freaking churns, crushing every other smartphone out there on both computational power and graphics. But if you look at common specs like core-count and clock speed for the hardware, you'd never know it. Read More >>

What Apple’s 64 Bit Architecture Really Means For Your iPhone

Probably the most underrated announcement Apple made on Tuesday was its move to 64 bit architecture for the iPhone 5S. It's an industry first, and one with major repercussions both for your phone and for the future of Apple. Here's why it matters. Read More >>

Apple’s New A7: Apple’s First 64-Bit Is 40 Per Cent Faster

During today's iPhone keynote, Apple announced the new A7 chip, featuring supercharged graphics powers that make the powerful features of iOS 7 possible. Let's take a look under the glass at the speedy monster that makes the magic possible. Read More >>

Report: The iPhone 5S Processor Is 31 Per Cent Faster Than Today’s

Let's start by saying that this isn't much to go on; if it were more concrete it would be more than just a tweet. But Fox newsperson Clayton Morris — who's had some success with Apple rumours in the past — has claimed knowledge that the A7 chip that will power the iPhone 5S is 31 per cent faster than its A6 predecessor. Read More >>

Leaked iPhone 5S Prototype Is Pretty Much Everything You’d Expect

It appears that the mystery chip from last week's (purported) iPhone 5S leak is a mystery no more. Thanks to MacRumors' new — and far better — photos of the new iPhone's backend, the chips is now clearly identifiable as a an A7 chip. Read More >>

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Bowers and Wilkins A7: This Thing Is So Good. This Thing Is So Expensive.

Bowers & Wilkins makes some of our favourite audio hardware. We also happen to love AirPlay—so the union of the two should be terrific, right? Sort of. The A7 speaker is tremendous—but it's just so, so expensive. Read More >>