Visual Effects Expert Howard Jones on Early Man and the Future of Animation

Last January, Early Man was the latest release in a string of movies produced by stop motion powerhouse Aardman Animations. Also known as Aardman, the studio is the creative force behind popular animated films Chicken Run, Flushed Away and the Wallace and Gromit franchise. Read More >>

Nick Park on the Joys and Challenges of Making Early Man, the Most Advanced Aardman Movie Ever

Sometimes the best thing to do is just doodle. That’s how longtime Aardman director Nick Park came up with the idea for the company’s latest stop-motion animated film, Early Man. He knew he wanted to do something about cavemen but that was as far as the idea went. Then he started drawing. Read More >>

Aardman’s New Film “Early Man” Looks Absolutely Delightful

Nick Park, the legendary animator is one of my childhood heroes. The creator of Wallace and Gromit, he's responsible for arguably the greatest series of animated films ever made. By using stop-motion animation combined with his distinctive visual style, his work is imbued with a hand-crafted charm that it is impossible for CGI blockbusters to ever compete with. And this is why I was very exciting last Friday to be invited to see some early footage from Aardman's next film, Early Man, which will be released on the 26th January next year. Read More >>

LoveFilm Does Deal to Distribute Aardman Back Catalogue

The back catalogue of talking plasticine productions from Aardman is about to be given a lease of life outside of the usual Christmas/CBBC repeat cycle, with Amazon's online film streaming service LoveFilm adding Aardman's TV stuff to its site. Read More >>

Aaardman Returns With Updated Home Sheep Home 2 Casual Game

Popular animation house Aaardman is back with another online puzzle game, with an update of its BAFTA-nominated 2010 title Home Sheep Home now available for iPhone and PC. Read More >>