BBC’s ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’ Explores Life and Tragic Death of Aaron Swartz

Missed BBC Four's documentary on the late American hacktivist Aaron Swartz last night? Well, it's on iPlayer here for the next 29 days for you to catch up. Read More >>

The Internet’s Own Boy: Why Aaron Swartz’s Story Matters More Than Ever

Aaron Swartz's story is a complicated one, with many moving parts—it's no easy task to do them all justice with a single film. But The Internet's Own Boy, a new documentary that chronicles the late 26-year-old's internet activism, fight against the feds, and ultimate death, manages to sew them up into one seriously gripping thread. Read More >>

Anonymous Leaked Account Data for 4,000 Bank Executives on a US Government Website

After hacking up government websites last week, and the week before, Anonymous has pulled off another hack to push their agenda of reforming computer crime law in the wake of Aaron Swartz's suicide. This time, they've leaked names, addresses, and other information about over 4,000 bank executives. And they did it all on a US government site. Read More >>

A New Anonymous Hack Lets You Shoot Up US Government Sites with a Nyan Cat Spaceship

In the wake of Aaron Swartz's suicide, your friendly neighborhood cyber-vigilantes Anonymous have been lashing out. It's mostly been DDOSes and cyber-vandalism, but their most recent project is a bit more fun, and lets you play Asteroids with a Nyan Cat spaceship that blasts up sites. Read More >>

Anonymous Hacks MIT in Aaron Swartz’s Name

The Internet is dealing with the suicide of gifted programmer and activist Aaron Swartz in a variety of ways — but Anonymous is responding with what it does best. Two of MIT's sites have been hacked into memorials. Read More >>

The Void of Losing Someone You Don’t Know — in Memory of Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz personally. We never spoke, not in person nor by email. Read More >>

Academics Are Tweeting Out PDFs of Journal Articles in Memory of Aaron Swartz

There's been a pretty big outpouring of grief following Aaron Swartz's suicide, even from those who didn't actually know him. And the trend is continuing. Many researchers and academics are now tweeting links to PDF files of their papers as a tribute. Read More >>

Former Reddit Co-Owner and Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

Former Reddit co-owner and founder of DemandProgress, Aaron Swartz commited suicide at the age of 26 in New York City yesterday, according to reports by The Tech. Swartz had been battling criminal charges related to his attempts to make JSTOR archives public and had been facing up to 50 years in prison and $4 million dollars (£2,479,466.91) fines at the time of his death. Read More >>