Activists Are Using Robots to Send Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland

Activists say they will use robots to deliver abortion pills to Northern Ireland, where abortion is only legal if the life of the woman is endangered. While it’s illegal in the region for a pregnant woman to have a medical abortion in nearly all cases, the organisations operating the robots said on Wednesday that they are not breaking any laws because the robots will be operated abroad, from the Netherlands. Read More >>

How New Technology Could Threaten a Woman’s Right to Abortion

In April, scientists achieved a major breakthrough that could one day drastically improve the fate of babies born extremely prematurely. Eight prematurely born baby lambs spent their last month of development in an external womb that resembled a high-tech ziplock bag. At the time of publication, the oldest lamb was nearly a year old, and still seemed to be developing normally. Read More >>

Apple Says Siri Isn’t Pro Life; It’s Just in Beta

What's the deal with Siri and abortion? Well, Apple told the NY Times that Siri, the iPhone 4S' personal assistant extraordinaire, isn't against abortion; doesn't have a pro life bias and isn't part of some sort of conspiracy. Instead, Apple blamed the odd omissions on Siri being a beta product. Read More >>

Is Siri Pro Life? Apparently Yes.

Apple iPhone 4S' Siri can find you hookers in your neighbourhood. Siri can find you Viagra. Siri can find you a local surgeon to give you breast implants. But apparently it can't find abortion clinics. Read More >>