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High Court Tells Mumsnet to Identify Forum User

The poo anecdotes of Mumsnet are currently playing second fiddle to a much wider and nastier scandal, with the site accused of allowing anonymous users to run wild with the abuse of others. It's all turned so nasty that the High Court has got involved and has issued an order to have one user's data revealed. Read More >>

Twitter Has New Rules for Violent and Sexual Content

Twitter’s downward spiral into a platform where abuse thrives has been well-documented over the years, but harassment on Twitter is in the news again this week because the company suspended actress Rose McGowan after she tweeted about sexual abuse in Hollywood. In response, CEO Jack Dorsey promised to introduce stricter rules against harassment—and it looks like some of those rules just leaked to Wired. Read More >>

Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan’s Account After She Speaks Out Against Sexual Abuse

McGowan had most recently told Ben Affleck to “fuck off,” called Harvey Weinstein a “POS,” and called for the board of the Weinstein Company to be dissolved. McGowan’s account was restored early this morning. Read More >>

Ed Sheeran Sulks Off Twitter Because No One Seems to Like Him

Ed Sheeran, the mysteriously omnipresent pop phenomenon, has had it with people being mean to him on Twitter. His 19m followers will have to make do with links shared from Instagram now, as he's done with anonymous people having a pop at him. Read More >>

Abusing MPs is Everyone’s New Favourite Hobby

Stats collating tweets sent to our beloved MPs show the sheer weight of abuse they face on a daily basis, with as many as one in 20 of all messages they receive through Twitter being classified as abusive. That's almost as much of a kicking as the games journalists get when they say a new Assassin's Creed is shit. Read More >>

Twitter Finally Rolls Out Obvious Anti-Harassment Feature

Twitter is finally rolling out the ability to mute keywords and threads. Being able to mute pre-selected keywords from your notifications seems like a pretty obvious move for the social network, whose reputation has been badly tarnished as a result of rampant harassment of and by its users. It reportedly took Twitter more than a year to figure out how to implement the new feature. What an embarrassment. Read More >>

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New Rules Threaten Internet Trolls With Harsher Penalties

It's Hate Crime Awareness Week they say, and what better way to kick it off than with new guidelines from the UK's Crown Prosecution Service on how to handle internet abusers? Read More >>

Microsoft Just Made it Easier to Report Hate Speech

Spend a typical day on Xbox Live will often see you hear a lot of 'colourful' language coming out of the other (usually very young) players. Racial and homophobic slurs are the ones people tend to think of, though kids these days can get rather creative. Microsoft has clearly had enough of that, and has opened a new portal for directly reporting any hate speech users come across. Read More >>

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Scotland Yard Hopes 5 Coppers Can Clean up Social Media

Trolls may or may not be trembling in their ergonomic desk chairs following the announcement of the Online Hate Crime Hub, a small team of police officers set to focus purely on stamping out hate crime on the internet. Read More >>

A “No Harassing” Policy Won’t Fix Reddit’s Toxic Culture 

Every social network has a different personality, and Reddit has long been the leering uncle who occasionally gives you a pat on the back when you need it most and tells you where to buy weed. But Uncle Reddit is having a crisis of conscience. The site just introduced a new anti-harassment policy, following on the heels of announcing its “commitment to diversity” and a policy change that prohibited revenge porn. Read More >>

Twitter’s CEO: ‘We Suck at Dealing With Abuse and There’s No Excuse’

Twitter's long had a problem with trolls hurling abuse and harassing other users. Now, its CEO Dick Costolo has admitted how big the problem is, accepting that the blame lies squarely at his feet and declaring that the company will make dramatic changes to help stamp it out. Read More >>

Mum Called “PATHETIC” in SMS by Orange Staff Over Bill Dispute

23-year-old mum Emma Townsend has complained to mobile network Orange, after receiving a bizarre and abusive text message from one of its staff when a dispute over an unpaid bill turned nasty. The message read: "You are so pathetic you can't pay your bill and you blame it other people. You are sooo PATHETIC." Orange has said it's sorry. [Metro] Read More >>

Two Year Jail Term Planned for Convicted Cyber Bullies

The government is looking at ways to throw heavier books at those convicted of internet bullying and "troll" behaviour, with one option seeing online and SMS abusers facing a maximum two-years in jail. Where the mobile phones are very small and not very much fun. Read More >>

“Sadistic Glee” is the Reason We Like Being Mean on the Internet

A group of researchers believes online "trolls" and real-world sadists have quite a lot in common, with today's anonymous online hatemongers getting satisfaction from causing other people to suffer in a similar fashion to proper sadists. Read More >>

Woman Jailed for Trolling Herself on Facebook

24-year-old Michelle Chapman came up with a seemingly bulletproof revenge plan. She created Facebook accounts for relatives she hated, then sent herself violent abuse messages from those accounts in an attempt to frame them. Didn't work. Now she's in prison. Read More >>