Frigidaire’s Gorgeous New Connected AC Works Like a Fever Dream

The first time I saw the new Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect smart air conditioner my jaw dropped. It was the best-looking window AC unit I’d ever seen with a sleek design and supposedly neat Wi-Fi functionality. After a month of using it, I now remember that no gadget is truly perfect — not even if you want it to be. Read More >>

Cold in the Office? Blame the Equation Used to Set the Thermostat

If you work in an office, chances are you or the person sitting next to you has grumbled about it being too hot or cold. No one likes rugging up on a summer’s day to contend with the air-conditioning. Or having to shed one too many layers in winter to compensate for stifling heat indoors. Read More >>

MacBook Air
Report: Apple’s Almost Certainly Got New MacBook Airs For Us at WWDC

Compounding previous reports of global stock shortages of Apple's slim-line MacBook Airs, plus the rumoured product numbers we saw the other day, now some leaked pricing supposedly points directly to a new MacBook Airs. If you're looking at buying an ultrabook, don't do it until after Monday evening's WWDC keynote next week. Read More >>

AC or DC?
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Which Hurts More, AC or DC Electricity?

If you mange to get yourself electrocuted, you probably won't care too much what type of electricity is pumping through your body. But this video takes a playful look at whether AC or DC current will hurt more when that day comes. Read More >>

Air-Conditioned Trousers May be the Most Over-Engineered Garment, Ever

While we're still dreaming of the sun making an appearance here in Blightly, we're still mindful of that heatwave we had a few months ago, and how unfuckingbearable it was to endure. Which may be why it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time—a few minutes, in this case, is a few minutes too many—to come back down to Earth and realise that trousers with their own built-in A/C are not as brilliant as my sun-addled mind first thought. Read More >>

How to Remove Your Window Air-Conditioner Without Killing Anyone

As of Friday, it's officially Autumn. The box in your window that brought much-needed coolness during the summer is now preventing you from breathing that lovely autumn air (and will soon freeze your face off). Let's take it out. Read More >>