Russian University Lovingly Erects Giant Concrete Monument to Peer Review

Life as an academic is hard, if you discount the summers off. Assuming you’ve ever submitted a piece of research for publication, chances are you’ve had to go through the process of peer review — an often soul-crushing ordeal during which you and your ideas are metaphorically flayed by a jury of your peers. Read More >>

Serious Academics Are Full of Shit

Last week, a Serious Academic™ exhausted hundreds of words denouncing the use of social media by his colleagues while insinuating that selfie culture poses an existential threat to academic life. The social media backlash from other serious academics was swift and on point, reminding us that many scientists are voluntary participants in the broader experiment of human society. Read More >>

Oxford and Cambridge Top List of Wikipedia-Influential Universities

There are many ways to judge the quality of a university: the results of its students, the research it produces, perhaps even the number of Nobel prizes it boasts. But how about using Wikipedia citations instead? Read More >>

What Happens When You Throw Lego Bricks Into a Washer for Science

It's a tale as old as time: Students get together on a Saturday night. Drinks are flowing. Hearts beat fast with excitement. You know, because some masters and doctoral students decided to see what happens when you toss a bunch of Lego bricks into a washing machine. Read More >>