The Oscars Are Adding a New Award for ‘Popular Films,’ Whatever That Means

Have you ever been frustrated that none of the movies you go see are nominated for Academy Awards? Well, hypothetically, that’s about to change. Read More >>

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See the Evolution of Movie Magic With Every Oscar Winner for Visual Effects in History

The Academy Awards are almost here, and many people will be talking about red carpet fashion, comedic monologues, and who got robbed. But few will be paying attention to the most important awards category—Best Visual Effects. This supercut pulls together all the past winners into a nice little reminder of how much has changed in the field, and how much visual effects changed the way movies are made. Read More >>

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Soothe Yourself With Every Single Oscar Winner for Best Cinematography

Take a deep breath before you watch this collection of every Academy Award winner for Best Cinematography. There are so many wonderful shots and beautiful movies from between 1927 an today that you might get lost in them and forget how to live. Read More >>

Do You Realise Mad Max: Fury Road is a Miracle?

I’m serious. Mad Max: Fury Road should not exist. It should never have gotten made. It certainly shouldn’t be as awesome as it is. And yet somehow, against all odds, this impossible cinematic masterpiece walked away with six out of seven Oscars that it was nominated for at last night's Academy awards, in defiance of reality itself. Read More >>

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Take a Trip Through Cinematic History With Every Special Special Effects Oscar Winner

I’ve always thought that the Visual Effects Academy Award was one of the more important awards out there: after all, it’s championing the technology and approaches to film that makes fantasy into visual reality. Read More >>

The Factories That Churn Out America’s Most Iconic Trophies

There's a little trophy shop called Aardvark Laser Engraving down the street from our office in Oakland. It's small but bustling, and its windows are stuffed to the brim with awards made of all kinds of materials and in any shape you can imagine: chalices, orbs, golfers, gavels, apples, and plaques. Plenty of plaques. They are engraved to award the Club DJ of the Year, the newest member of a local Freemason branch, one mysterious trophy just says "Rifle Expert," and there are plenty of heartfelt engravings to spouses, family members, and retiring co-workers. Read More >>

A Treasure Trove of Hollywood History on the Redesigned Oscars Website

Oscar fever is traditionally a seasonal affliction, but not anymore. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has redesigned its website and added a goldmine of archival clips and pics from its gigantic permanent collection that goes way beyond the awards themselves. Read More >>

Remember That Time John Terry Won an Oscar? The Inevitable Ellen Selfie Meme Onslaught Begins

When Ellen Degeneres posted the most retweeted tweet (let alone selfie) of all time last night, you could be sure that John Terry would want in on the action. Or at least, someone with rudimentary Photoshopping skills would make sure the glory-hunting Chelsea defender got in there with the Oscar elite somehow, anyhow. Read More >>