Samsung’s Smart TVs Just Got a Clever New App

For all the promises that "Smart TVs" make, they aren't really all that smart. Generally, they're just TVs with glorified streaming boxes built into them, plus a few unwieldy bells and whistles nobody wants or uses. So when a smart TV app comes along that actually looks clever, it's pretty unexpected. Read More >>

The Petite Particle Accelerator: A Proton Gun For Killing Tumours

Since 1990, doctors have been regularly treating cancer patients using proton beams, which work similarly to radiation. Proton therapy is more precise, however, causing less harm to healthy surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, generating a proton beam requires a particle-accelerator facility that's the size of an airplane hangar and costs more than £60 million to build. Thus, proton-beam therapy remains a rarity, with only 37 working facilities worldwide. Just 10,000 people were treated last year, less than 5 percent of suitable patients. Read More >>