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Alton Towers Debuts the Static 20-Minute Dangle Experience

Alton Towers rollercoaster The Smiler – which wiped the smiles off everyone's faces in 2015 when it horrifically injured several passengers – has got itself in trouble again, although this time the end result was nearer the mild discomfort end of the spectrum. Read More >>

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Crash Test Dummy Failures Send Them Flying Off Roller Coaster Into Nearby Hotel

Stories about amusement parks are typically dominated by two topics: either the opening of a new attraction or the catastrophic failure of an old one. This time it was neither, as two crash test dummies designed to ensure a roller coaster was operating safely failed, causing them to be launched through the roof of a nearby hotel. Read More >>

Lorry Driver Uses Bridge to Slice Roofs Off Range Rovers

A lorry driver has had a worse and sadder day than is usual even for lorry drivers, after managing to not notice that a bridge in Perth was substantially lower than the top of his load. Read More >>

Hospital Evacuated After Tuberculosis Sample Accidentally Released

One of the world’s deadliest diseases — tuberculosis — made a rare stateside appearance Thursday. This afternoon, the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland reported that a small amount of the infectious germ was potentially released in its facilities while being transported. The incident initially prompted the evacuation of several buildings, but hospital officials now say no one is at risk of contracting the disease. Read More >>

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Watch Gravity Punish This Paraglider for Using a Selfie Stick at 2,500 Feet

You’ve been told for years now to stop using selfie sticks. They’re obnoxious, they’re annoying to others, and they make everyone’s vacation photos look the same. It seems even gravity has now had enough of the stupid accessories, as this paraglider discovered while soaring at 2,500 feet in the air (starting at around 1:11 in the video below). Read More >>

Ambulance GPS Outs Bike Crash Compensation Fraudster

Luboya Tshibangu did fall off his bike in December of 2012 in the Cardiff Bay area, that much everyone agrees on. The problem for Tshibangu is that he said he hit a pothole that was 1km away from where the ambulance scraped him up, a fact verified by the ambulance's GPS. Read More >>

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Skyscraper Window Replacement Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Construction workers in Moscow using a rooftop crane to lift a giant pane of glass to the top of a 30-plus-story skyscraper will unfortunately have to try it once again. The glass was almost in their reach when the cable apparently snapped, sending the window and its support rig plummeting to the ground. Read More >>

Crashing Into Boiling Water and Other Ways Hoverboards Send Thousands of Kids to Hospital Each Year

When it comes to hoverboard injuries, it’s tempting to think a good portion of them are severe burns caused by those overheating battery packs. New research shows this is very much not the case, and that each year around 13,500 kids are treated in US hospital emergency rooms after falling from their hoverboards. That amounts to about 40 A&E visits each day. Read More >>

Man Trapped Head in Cinema Seat

A man visiting the posh seats of a Birmingham cinema endured a nightmare even worse than having to see the latest DC universe film, as his head somehow managed to get stuck in a seat. Read More >>

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This Is What It Looks Like to Cheat Death at 250 Miles Per Hour

Does the thrill of accelerating a dragster to speeds of almost 300 miles per hour outweigh the tremendous risks involved with the sport? It’s hard to imagine David Tremayne wanting to climb behind the steering wheel again after he lost control of this dragster at speeds few of us will ever experience on four wheels. Read More >>

Cyclists Sue Edinburgh Over Tram Track Crashes

Edinburgh's tram system is being blamed for a spate of cyclist accidents in the city, with a couple of riders suing the local council and the tram operator for damages after falling off. Read More >>

Car Crash Turns Utility Pole Into Fireball-Shooting Mortal Kombat Character

A driver in Ontario, Canada, recently discovered that crashing your minivan into a power pole can have bigger repercussions than just higher insurance premiums. Enraged at nearly getting toppled, the utility pole started spewing fire balls down the line like it was some kind of video game baddie. Read More >>

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Badass Gets Thrown 20 Feet By a Runaway Bus, Brushes Himself Off and Walks Away

We’d say this video is another good example of why it’s important to look both ways before crossing the road, but this out-of-control bus in Reading, comes around the corner so quickly that local badass Simon Smith wouldn’t have been able to avoid, even if he saw it coming. Read More >>

London Tube Accidents Reached New High Of 4,928 In 2016

TfL has reported that accidents on the London Underground are up 11% on 2015, with nearly 5000 reported incidents. The one bright spot is that customers seem to be falling into the gap less, with 282 people not heeding the words of the intercom - down from 293 in 2015. Read More >>

Tunnel Collapses at Nuclear Facility Once Called ‘an Underground Chernobyl Waiting to Happen’

Managers at the Hanford Site in Washington State told workers to “take cover” Tuesday morning after a tunnel leading to a massive plutonium finishing plant collapsed. The emergency is especially worrisome, since Hanford is commonly known as “the most toxic place in America,” with one former governor calling it “an underground Chernobyl waiting to happen.” Worrisome might actually be an understatement. Read More >>