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What Happens When You Pour Sulphuric Acid on a Big Mac

For a brief moment there, nothing happens. A Big Mac gets drenched in sulphuric acid, and it looks exactly the same. And then it starts getting gross. Read More >>

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Here’s What Happens When You Spill Sulphuric Acid on Shoes

If you want to change the colour of your shoes, pour some sulphuric acid on them. Your shoes will turn into utter useless mush, but you can transform a khaki canvas colour into a deep purple with only a few globs. Read More >>

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Watching a Hot Dog Dissolve in Acid Is Strangely Peaceful and I Can’t Look Away

Piranha solution is nasty stuff. Composed of part sulphuric acid and part hydrogen peroxide, it eats through most organic matter with ease, and this hot dog shows that it’s frighteningly good at its job. So why does this video have some Explosions In The Sky-type post-rock music playing over it? Read More >>

What is Giant Hogweed? The UK Plant With Sap That Burns Through Skin

Some children have been left even angrier and more blotchy-faced than usual recently, with a small explosion of stories claiming the Giant Hogweed plant is damaging the skin of children brave enough to go outside. But is it a new thing or just a glorified stingy nettle children should simply learn to avoid? Read More >>

Oh God, Someone Ran Fear and Loathing Through Google’s Neural Network

By now, the entire internet has realised that Deep Dream, Google’s artificial neural network, is capable of crafting some pretty trippy images. But what happens when you run a movie about acid trips through the acid trip generator? Fear and Loathing in your worst nightmares, that’s what. Read More >>

Steak Laced With LSD Hospitalises Family

A family of four had to be taken to hospital after eating some steak bought from a US supermarket chain. It soon emerged that the meat had been laced with LSD by someone somewhere in the supply chain. For a laugh. Read More >>

Retracted: Study That Found Acid Converts Blood Cells Into Stem Cells

A Japanese scientist who published a study trumpeted as a groundbreaking advancement in stem cell biology is now asking that it be retracted. Read More >>

Drugs Are Funny (When it Happens to Someone Else, Like Ben Fogle)

Clean-living outdoor adventurer hunk Ben Fogle claims he was the victim of a drink-spiking attack, with something akin to an unscheduled LSD trip triggering a psychotic fit and making him try to jump out of his home's windows. Read More >>

Your Breath Has Harmful Acids That Can Damage Your Camera Lens

I can't even count how many times I used my breath to fog up a camera lens to wipe it down clean. It's the photog equivalent of blowing into those old NES cartridges. I swear it works! Turns out, we might be ruining our camera lenses because our breath has harmful acids that can damage them. Read More >>

Animals Are Literally Being Dissolved Alive Because of Acid in the Ocean

The next time you're having a bit of a bad day, consider this: in a part of the Southern Ocean, sea snails are literally dissolving day by day, thanks to the increasingly high amounts of man-made acidification. Being a little late to that meeting beats being dissolved alive, eh? Read More >>

Watch Britain Test LSD On Soldiers Way Back In 1963

It seems 1960s Britain was very different from today. For some strange reason, the British Army thought it'd be a great idea to see what LSD did to its troops, and filmed the whole thing for you to laugh at 49 years' later. Read More >>

Man Jumps Into Vat of Acid to Save His Coworker

Here's a story for Springsteen's next ballad: A roofer in New Jersey took a dangerous dive into a vat of acid to save a coworker who had just fallen through a roof into the tank 40 feet below. Read More >>